New guy needs Chassis identification

I’m new to the karting community. This is my first kart and I didn’t build it. Can anyone ID this chassis with my photos or tell me what I need to look for?

Whatever the chassis is, the overall kart looks very clean and well maintained. It’s got tubing bumpers which dates it a bit but looks like a capable machine. Someone here will likely have more insight.

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A homebrew modelled off of the old narrow-waist chassis?

I like this bit here. Seems like a good solution for the inevitable broken welds:

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mid-late 1970s magnum kart produced by CKS

paste the link and it can give you more information.

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Small world, and a visit from Al:

“The kart got its name through a contest in which the wife of Al Nunley of Mayko Products won. Mayko Products also supplied fuel tanks for the Magnum kart.”

Or, more specifically, Al’s spouse.