New Homologation MG reds tires

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has enough experience on the latest Homologation of the mg red tires to make any comparison over the old tire. Quicker? More durable? Would love to hear your thoughts

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Anyone have any experience??

No experience, but here is the information from the MG website.

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All reports from people I know that have used them says yes to faster and longer lasting.

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Thank you very much for that Matthew!

If they are not too dissimilar to the Evinco Blues, then they are more durable and don’t fall off as fast as they are used. There is another post on this site asking about the new tires, and I have written our experience there.

Mike thanks for that. I’ll get a set soon and give my review.

bumping this back up as I’m looking to run a couple of events in the near future where I’ll need to be on the MG Red and I’ve never run them before.

What’s everyone finding is the sweet spot for pressures and or anything else to be aware of with these new Red’s?

I’ve been going down 1 psi from my old pressures basically and that seems to work fine.

This is the first year running MG tires. On the reds we have found 11-13psi cold work well. They are very durable too.

One more question on these tires…falloff.

I’ve got a set that someone else used for about 50 laps 6 weeks ago. I mounted them today and put another 50 laps on them. Not my favorite tire but seemed consistent.

How bad has this set fallen off of how bad do they fall off in general.