New Iame X125 engine released?

Hi folks,

I found this new X125 engine in Iame’s website.

Is this a brand new engine? I found the design much closer to OK series but keeping the eletric starter and better BHP vs X30s.
Does anyone know more details about this engine?

It looks basicly like a OKN engine with starter and a clutch.

Not sure where it would fit in or what classes they would run in.

IAME do love releasing engines with little or no fan fair.

Anything to conclude from the exposed ignition side crank spline? I presume the stator and coil etc are just not pictured but not sure why….

Ugh, data sheet link is broken on IAME’s site… You might have spotted that before they were done putting everything up

Wasn’t the X125 a TAG engine that Italian Motors was importing?

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Funny to me being in the PNW where Italian Motors has their tag engines which are all the X125 series.

I wondered if it was based on an old KF engine, but appears it’s closer in design to the OK stuff. On the old KF’s the balance shaft was rearward on the engine, whereas the OK has the balance shaft forward of the crank like this x125.

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Its not the same engine, different in most areas.

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Off the cuff looking at IAME site for X125 and IM’s homologation I can see: (NVM, updated details below)

Different carb. X125 Tillotson HW-50A (Wasn’t able to quickly find specs on this, only sales pages. Vs 27mm on X125WC
Cosmetic external differences with cylinder.
Slight difference in bore (X125 53.89 vs X125 TaG 53.9) and stroke (X125 54.4 and X125WC 54)
5 ports on X125 vs 3 on X125WC
Maybe bore and stroke is actually the same as the X127WC numbers round up to the X125 ones)

(Probably wouldn’t hurt for them to have more obvious name differences too… but I digress.)

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All info here


Thanks, good sleuthing. Sounds like the X125 is (again off the cuff)

Full name: X125S RL - N TaG
24mm carb (Vs 27)
Rod length 104 vs 102
Larger rod and small end bearings
0.5 cc smaller head volume at 11cc
4.5 deg less on exh port timing (with a 1.5 deg tolerance) at 179.5

I’m sure it drives nice, and is good quality.
Problem is that karting has a lot of quality two stroke engines…


I think there’s a quiet yet steady market of guys who go to their IAME dealers and ask for something a bit faster than an X30. Never really hear about them but I am always surprised to hear chatting to various people that they sold this and that engine. Not huge numbers of course but IAME can put these engines together in their sleep.

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As an IAME dealer for some time I can confirm. At least in my experience it was not a significant number of customers. There’s quite a few engine options out there for that kind of customer, and IAME (or any engine builder really) doesn’t really do much marketing per se, because they have a captive audience.

As a result I think an already marginalized customer type is very diverse in their engine of choice. I always enjoyed working with customers on one off builds for track days though.


S125 Lyon track results

X30 Lyon track results

S125 is 0.4 seconda faster per Lap (based In Lyon track)

They changed the name to S125