New Indoor Track for San Antonio

So it’s a departure from what a lot of us are used to, but nonetheless a lot of people get introduced to karting though this route…

Pic: 360 Karting Facebook page

Some interesting things:

  • 90,000-square-feet

  • Electric Karts

  • List of other activities as long as your arm

  • Indoor food trucks instead of sit-down restaurant, with selections like Tex-Mex, barbecue and classic American dining.

Pic: San Antonio Business Journal

  • Located across the street from indoor skydiving park iFly San Antonio

  • Three tracks: one for small children, an intermediate track and a three-story adult track.

Pic: San Antonio Business Journal

I enjoy these places. It’s totally different and good fun.

You had me a taco truck.


Right!?!? :taco: every kart track needs one

I know right where it is, and watched it get built. I was just looking at their site today, as tomorrow is their grand opening. The cool thing about the kart track would be the elevation, but they say top speed of 45 mph. I’m sure I’ll eventually go, but not sure when.

You mean they’re not claiming 60mph and 3g for their 500lb rental behemoths like nearly every other place does?!

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45 if they are getting there is pretty decent for indoor. Realistically they are around 30-35.

You mean how K1 Speed was advertising theirs for a while? The sad thing is, my 11 year old is tall enough and experienced enough to shame some of the adults that drive them, but she doesn’t meet their 13 year old age requirement. She goes at speeds greater than the adult karts do.

That is annoying. When I take nick they do the same thing.