New KA100 wiring harness

Does anyone know why IAME changed the KA100 wiring harness? The negative battery terminal used to have only one wire going to it… now there are three.


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Giving this a nudge to see if anyone has ideas.

I can only guess. The wires coming from my KA didn’t look as thick as the extra wires in the picture, but my assumption would be to run it without any splice points in the line. Run the negative lead all the way to each end point from the source. Of course, I have no basis for my response, just a guess.

My hunch had to do with how the old wiring harness shunted the kill switch.

I’ve seen two KA100s not start on the grid this year because of coil failures and my friends and I can count up about a dozen coil failures amongst us. I’ve only heard of one wiring harness failure and that was because the battery fell out and dragged.