New Kart New Seat Position - OTK

I just picked up an OTK as a second kart to run a World Formula on. We’re lucky here in the NW that the RPG team is local and we’re able to get there 1-2 races karts.

Sitting in the new OTK I’m interested to see how the more laid back seat position is vs the more straight up on my Swiss Hutless.

Curious as to thoughts from those who have run both seating positions

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That is very different. Oddly with the layback seat, your knees are slightly higher.

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I think these pedals are also a little closer which I need as on the hutless they are too far out.

If nothing else it helps get your body out of the wind.

The greatest part about OTK stuff is the available setup guide that includes seat placement. Go with what the guide suggest for seating position and it will be very close to spot on the first time you hit the track. You can make small tweaks from there based on personal needs.

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You seem a lot more laid back than I am. I think that’s a good thing though. I have trouble fitting my arms in. You’ll be able to have a lot smoother steering also with that arm angle

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Did rpg place the seat?

Yes, they did. It was a different seat than was originally in this kart but in another OTK of the same model.

The hips are rotated upwards in a backwards angled seat, which will incline the legs & knees forward & up.

Where can I find a setup guide? Our Kosmic did not include one.

This one is a little older but don’t think much has really changed from a baseline setting perspective.

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Being more laid back can be benefit that it lowers CG. That can reduce hopping . The negative is it increases the polar moment. Your weight is spread out more front to back. Imagine weights at the end of dumb bell instead of close together.

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Just ran about 160 Laps today at practice in my new OTK. Kart was very different from my Swiss Hutless.

Was struggling with front grip as it was harder to steer the front. Thinking it was mainly due to the laid back seat.

I could see that it would be different. Since you are more laid back, that sorta makes your body weight shifting less impactful. I think of myself driving and how I really feel myself leaning into the braking. The rental seats are huge so if you are skinny, you are doing most of the supporting, lots of moving around in the seat.
That anticipatory weight shift is probably more significant if you are more vertical. Anyways, since forwards weight shift if what affects how the front end is gonna bite, it would seem to me that a layback would take a bit longer to transfer that weight forwards etc.

The OTK probably has more caster built into the front end, and is known for a heavy front end. Though most frame designs are similar between manufacturers, little difference in materials or components, and the slight variations on geometry can make them work a little differently. The OTK kart gets all its work done on the entry of the corner, because it comes with a larger amount of front grip in the kart.

It is important to discern if you are feeling an actual difference in front grip level compared to your other kart, or if the steering wheel is just heavier from a different front geometry that’s built in.

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interesting article:

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That’s a really good point, My buddy who has an 18 OTK drove it and thought it was much harder to turn in compared to his kart.

One thing which led me also to believe it’s grip is how long it takes for the tires really come in, I tried different pressures and it helped, but it seemed it was taking about 3 laps to feel like rhe front was not sliding and had grip.