New karting dad... help please


(Paulo Souza) #1

i just bought a a birel b25 with a comer c50 for my 6yr old daughter. can anyone tell me what tires to get? any other tip would be helpful

(Tony Zambos) #2

The brand and size of the tires may depend on the track or the organization you race with. For the 2017 season, the USPKS/Route66 series used MG Reds, 4.60’s front and rear.

(Chris Kutscher) #3

If you’re planning on having her race with a club then get whichever tire they specify. That will save you time and money down the road. For my son we use one set of tires all season. If you’re not putting her in racing then you can probably even find scrub/used tires to save even more.

Good luck and have fun with her. Best advice I can give is don’t push too hard, just let her turn laps and figure things out on her own.

(James McMahon) #4

@Paulo, welcome! Where are you located?
Also, please include your last name in your profile too.

(Paulo Souza) #5

Hi James,
I live in Lehigh acres FL, im planning on taking her to Andersen racepark(1h30m) and homestead (2hr30min). right now I’m in the process of getting myself one to facilitate her learning curve.

(Paulo Souza) #6

Thanks for the advice Chris. I plan on taking my time with her before she races, although if it was up to her she would be racing next week lol.

(James McMahon) #7

If you’re in Florida for sure you want to connect with @phastafrican and @DruLo206

They are at the other end of the panhandle but they can help. Also checkout their karting dads podcast

(Andrew Maldonado) #8

yes please let us know! There is no offseason in Florida for karting. Podcast usually come out weekly but with holidays its been kind of tough. The Podcast will be up and going again here shortly. We had some good friends in the north Florida region go to kart week and road raced in the CIK Lo206 class and had a blast. So @phastafrican and myself we are all about karting. We have road raced cars and still do as well as have a blast in karting. We have now convinced a number of friends to go road racing in karts…oopppppssss. some people got the bug