New KartSetups app!

Hi guys,

James kindly allowed me to post something ive been working on over the last few months.

Over time ive got frustrated with my own inability to record and analyse my kart setups. Having been in tech/software for 10 years and having to learn some new languages for a job I moved to I decided to create a project to solve something for myself so I could learn easier. Born here was KartSetups!

It was pretty rudimentary at the beginning with my testing but towards the end of last year I started to develop it more. I started chatting to people and realised I might actually be developing something useful for others. Ive been very unimpressed with whats out there and so ive continued to drive the features and integrations forward. Initially announced in the UK I brought onboard 4 beta testers who have really helped me drive the product foward and we are currently still in the beta stage.

So what is it?

Its a portal developed for desktop and mobile intereaction using something called PWA technology. This allows me to install it on desktops and apps as an ‘app’ without the faff of the ‘stores’. You can still of course use it via browser. I do intend to release it to the app stores but certainly not yet as this other technology is just so easy.

The portal itself handles everything to do with storing kart setups and allowing easy access and analysis on the fly. It is super easy to whip your phone out at the track, copy, add, edit and do some quick analysis if needed. Thats its main focal point and we will keep improving on this. However im trying to go one step further so we have automatic weather API integration so you can easily get that via your currently location ( pressure, temp etc) and store against your session. One of the things im most excited about is developing the infrastructure for teams and being able to log and analyse across a team, nice and easy for a team manager for example. The building blocks for that have started. There are more cool features in the portal as well as others in the pipeline, ive announced some on our facebook page if interested from latest beta releases.

Our website currently hosts an email sign up form where we’ve had a great amount of sign ups already and from here I intend to keep everyone up to date. Im hoping to launch in around a month or so.

Im really passionate about this one and hopefully it allows karters a nice easy way to store and assess their setups. Im open for any feedback, ideas and improvements so give me a shout!


Awesome! I actually developed GoldTune (see which is another app for storing and analyzing kart setups. Currently available for Windows but working on making it an iOS app.

There may be some opportunity to collaborate. Reach out and I’m happy to discuss! Great to have another member seeing the value of this concept!


Hi guys,

Just to let you know we are launching KartSetups on April 14th at 8pm BST UK time! I’ve been working tirelessly with our beta testers over the last few weeks and we’ve created some awesome things for the karting community.


Hi all,

We had a very successful launch on the 14th April with KartSetups and feedback so far has been fantastic and constructive. We recently released version 1.2.0 which is our biggest update yet built from a lot of the feedback we received!

Release notes can now be found on the website along with a lot more info about the platform after a recent update.


Glenn do you have an explainer video for this?

Is there any way to do a trial of the site before committing to paying? That is pretty standard for paid software subscriptions. Sounds interesting but I am not sure if it would work for me.

How is the software any different to the rank function in excel?

Want to follow this development. DM me if you want someone to provide more Beta input or link it to teams to test it…

Apologies, I have this app confused with

Yes we do indeed offer that mate.

I do now!

I used the app last year and found it useful. Great way to make notes as I went. It’s such a nominal cost it’s worth trying out.

Glenn, not sure what you mean. The rank function in excel just sorts data really, GoldTune uses an algorithmic optimizer, and you can store and track setups for different drivers, tracks, etc.

I just started to use it. A few questions:

  • The “Save” button and the “Go back to list” button are in the opposite spot than they should be in my opinion. I keep clicking the top right to save, but it is instead “go back”. Go back should be on the left and save should be on the right in my opinion.

  • How can I create a baseline setup for my kart to use at the start of every new meeting / session?

Looks like you built it with JavaFX?

Built using Java.


Hi Spencer,

  1. Yeah, it depends on what kind of GUI rules you follow, it is the first time I’ve had it raised in all honesty so I’d probably be loathed to change it I’m afraid.

  2. An outright baseline setup isn’t something we currently store, you can store track-specific setup when viewing a track for ease but I can see how this wouldn’t be as beneficial. I think this is a good idea, essentially create any baseline you want for the session view and be able to select it from a dropdown, then you can edit and save at will. Would that work for yourself?