New Korsasport Video Series - Self-Critical

Some have asked for this, so here’s your first taste. Bear with me as I learn the whole video production thing as we go…

I’ve been wanting to create some educational karting videos for a while, and this is my first shot at it. This is just the first of what I hope are many videos on a variety of karting topics.

Here is the first episode in what I hope is a helpful series of videos. In this series, I will be analyzing my old on-board video footage, breaking down some of my races to show you the positives and some of the mistakes I made. And there is plenty of both! For these videos, we will be talking about a variety of topics with regards to driving a kart, and hopefully passing on some knowledge and lessons to you, the aspiring kart racer. This also gives you a little bit of an idea of what you get when you sign up for virtual driver coaching and video review with Korsasport.

The first video in this series highlights the 2018 USPKS Carolina Grand Prix, where I was able to drive from 7th to 1st in the final and take the victory. There are a few lessons along the way, including how to overtake cleanly, controlling the race, driver mentality, and general techniques.

Please take a look, let me know if it was helpful, and feel free to suggest topics I can discuss for future videos. And feel free to subscribe to my channel where I’ll be posting more content like this in the video, assuming the new baby stays sleeping long enough to film and edit a video…


Subscribed. I really liked the lap breakdown at the end of the video, as well the little coaching tips for pushing against the wheel. Pretty topical for myself racing GoPro Moto. It would be great to see this breakdown of other driver’s videos. Keep em coming!


This is exactly the service you get with my virtual coaching, so maybe I will ask some clients if they are cool sharing the coaching sessions I’ve done with them.

Ideally I would love to create some track guide videos and more general karting technique videos, but haven’t gotten around to do much with a whole other business to tend to and now a newborn… hopefully in the future I can put together some more stuff with a little more polish, if the market for this stuff is there.

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Good luck with the newborn! All I’ve got is gf and 2 dogs and I feel like I have no life. Lol.
I think if you could do a side-by-side shot of you vs another driver, or another driver vs driver could be quite interesting to see the different driving lines and styles. I’m sure the market is there. I’d be interested, I can only self improve so much. Its a whole different world to relearn driving techniques in karts after being out racing other cars for 10+ years.

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I really like then video format over the old written notes method. It’s much easier to follow with the stuff being narrated this way.

@tjkoyen for what it’s worth I’m cool with my stuff being shared. I enjoyed the breakdown of the race and the thinking behind it.

It looks so easy in the pro division. Y’all drive so well and make good decisions individually and as a group. The passes all feel organic. You never get the sense of “effort”, like it’s “difficult”.

I think that might be because you guys are predictable to a certain extent. By that I mean that there isn’t a high chance that someone’s gonna suddenly brake at a different spot or take a weird line. So, to my eye, it looks like you can focus on where you want to be rather than “what’s this guy gonna do?”.

I found this helpful. All the tips in general. I personally got excited by hearing you articulate vision:

“Personally I thrive off of having information… Absorb as much information as possible at all times… Having a look behind you once a lap gives you a lot of information and then you can set up and plan your race better. If you know you are being hunted down from a guy behind, you can anticipate that and not be taken by surprise every time someone throws it down the inside.”

There is some truth to that. It’s like playing poker against someone who doesn’t know how to play. It’s easy to get bluffed off or lose pots because the rookie is so unpredictable.

I would say it’s obviously harder getting to that point of pulling the trigger on the overtake against more experienced guys like this, because everyone is fast and there aren’t as many opportunities or open goal posts for a pass. A rookie is going to be slower and easier to pass in the sense that there will be many more and much easier opportunities to get by. But yes, not knowing or being able to predict where they are going to go can make it chaotic. That’s why those rental races are nuts.

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Watching this, the main difference to what I experience is that the level of accuracy and consistency is extremely high. It’s a given that the guy in front is going to make the turn 98-100% correct.

All of these passes were essentially quick decisions where you’d get a slightly better run and then took apex. There were effectively no screw ups of note that result in easy overtakes. (Other than carb fiddling by McAndrews which seems to be the universal sign for “pass me now”).

There’s no weaving about to speak of, no trying to make a square peg fit a round hole. Everything is online until it briefly isn’t.

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Nice work. I watched at least 15mins of it and that’s rare for me. Very cool to see how the taller gearing worked as well.

I like Clayton’s idea of doing side by side comparisons of how different drivers can tackle the same course. It would be a neat way of being able to visualize different driving styles that you often hear people talking about.

Also - how about a blooper reel?

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It’d also be great to see how you interpret data from your Mychron. Overlay your lap versus others. Tips and tricks in Race Studio etc. I’ve used other data analysis software, but just haven’t figured out all the little things to AIMs software. AIM videos are just OK. I’ve learned more from others video versus AIM.

Some people were asking so I wanted to update…

When I re-did the Oktane website I had to completely start over on my Google/GSuite accounts, so I wiped my YouTube pages to separate everything out a bit more.

This video can be found here now:

I don’t have a convenient YouTube URL yet, but feel free to subscribe. More content will be coming soon, I promise!

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