New Le Vanto KRT tire performance

Has anyone tried the new LeVanto tires replacing the YLR’s, How are they in terms of lap times and how many laps can you get out of them?

My understanding is that they are made by LeCont. Assuming they are like the latest homologation LeCont tire – we use them in the F Series in northeast – they are very good. The LeCont white is similar in performance to the MG Yellow and the LeCont Red is close to the MG Red.

Both LeCont variants are very durable and do not fall off as much as some other tires. I ran the same lap times over 8 sessions across 2 days with the LeCont whites. Of course, qualifying is .1-.2 sec faster but after that, they are very consistent. Total laps = 90. Track is not abrasive - New York Race Complex.

Anyone at pompano this week-end ?

Curious to hear some feedback on these after the FWT round, and should get some more after the COTA race this weekend.

Initial feedback I’m hearing is quite good, and makes me think the tire is very similar to the LeCont White, which is a great tire.

More grip than the old Bridgestones, slightly less grip than an MG, but better longevity.