New Le Vanto KRT tire performance

Has anyone tried the new LeVanto tires replacing the YLR’s, How are they in terms of lap times and how many laps can you get out of them?

My understanding is that they are made by LeCont. Assuming they are like the latest homologation LeCont tire – we use them in the F Series in northeast – they are very good. The LeCont white is similar in performance to the MG Yellow and the LeCont Red is close to the MG Red.

Both LeCont variants are very durable and do not fall off as much as some other tires. I ran the same lap times over 8 sessions across 2 days with the LeCont whites. Of course, qualifying is .1-.2 sec faster but after that, they are very consistent. Total laps = 90. Track is not abrasive - New York Race Complex.

Anyone at pompano this week-end ?

Curious to hear some feedback on these after the FWT round, and should get some more after the COTA race this weekend.

Initial feedback I’m hearing is quite good, and makes me think the tire is very similar to the LeCont White, which is a great tire.

More grip than the old Bridgestones, slightly less grip than an MG, but better longevity.

I personally was not a fan of the levanto at Phoenix. Granted the track is abrasive, but we noticed, and compared with other that the tires would fall off 2 tenths every session and after 50 laps, the disparity between new tires and used was almost 7 tenths.

Not a fan, will give it another chance when we go to calspeed and is not abrasive

Everybody seems happy with these tires, maybe you’ve been off setup…
Connor in 100 was always in front with new or used tires…

What tires pressure did you use?

In a slower class tires don’t fade as fast as well. Ran RokGP. Again Phoenix was abrasive, at a different track they likely won’t fade as quick, at least I am hoping. Setup was close, running fastest lap/2nd fastest all weekend. low pressures

At Pompano the laptimes were consistent in every class, that seems that the tires don’t fade away for me…

If you’re absolutely certain its not the kart or yourself, both of which are worth a look if, as you said, others weren’t having a problem.

If you’re thinking the whole team had the problem, did you tires all come from the same box and/or batch. LeCont did have some bad batches in 2019 which led to the fronts wearing prematurely but they had said they had fixed the issue, but only admitted it after they had fixed it.

I interpreted it as he’s saying all the drivers in the faster classes were having the same problems with drop-off, I’m guessing he means shifter and TaG, while 100cc and Cadet didn’t have as bad of tire drop-off. I haven’t talked to anyone about the tires though so I really don’t know for sure.

Aha, we can research this lol.

So the kid who won.
Day 1:
Qual - 45.957
Pre - 46.143
Final - 46.550

Day 2:
Qual - Wet/Damp (I think based on the times)
Pre - 46.832
Final - 46.737

There’s clearly a drop off from Qual through to Final on the first day, but you’d expect some drop off from Qual. Day 2, considering it rained, seems pretty stable.

Taking the time machine back to 2018 when COTA last ran at Phoenix on the Rok with Bridgestones:
Day 1:
Qual - 46.507
Pre - 46.821
Final - 47.158

Day 2:
Qual - 46.860
Pre - 47.031
Final - 47.304

Soooo, using that it looks like LeVantos are faster and between the Qualifying on Day 1 and Final on Day 2 the LeVantos drop of by 1.69% and the Bridgestones drop off by 1.71%.

I’d take that as basically the same drop off. Obviously, stating assumptions, like there were a lot more competitors in 2018 in Snr Rok and I don’t know the weather in 2018 with the LeVanto being faster.

Having driven the LeCont (I’m sure its the same tire) and the Bridgestone (just one race but hey), I would say I think the LeCont is front limiting in comparison to the Bridgestone. You can lean on the fronts a lot more with the Bridgestone, the LeCont fronts give in and overheat on the front must faster (which might just be because they are softer).

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Sorry but i don’t read the same story when i look to the results…
Shifter Rok so massive power and heavy karts

Qualy 50.099
1 Heat same day 49.978
2 Heat on saturday 49.916
3 Heat still saturday 49.997
Prefinal 49.862
Final on sunday 49.692
Maybe the track or weather improved laptimes on sunday but it doesn’t seems to drop off for me

I’m not sure what race you’re looking at, but the race were looking at results from is Challenge of the Americas, which is 2 single day events consisting of qualifying, pre-final, and a final on each day. The times for Shifter ROK set by Remo Ruscitti, who swept the weekend and set each of his fast laps on a clear track

Qualifying - 44.124 [pole]
Pre-final - 44.807 [race fastest 44.695]
Final - 45.092 [fastest 44.968]

Qualifying - 46.828 [pole]
(like Nik said, it looks like it rained in the morning so laptimes weren’t where they should’ve been)
Pre-final - 45.291 [fastest was 45.138]
Final - 45.413 [fastest was 45.125]

Looks like half a second slower from qualifying to pre-final, and another 3 tenths off from pre-final to final. The times on Sunday line up with it raining in the morning, too. Track gets faster as the day goes on, tires are dropping off at about an equal rate, so we see little change from pre-final to final.

This actually follows for 100cc Senior as well, laptimes for the overall strongest driver of the weekend went

Qualifying - 47.418 [pole]
Pre-final - 48.021[fastest 47.916]
Final - 48.158 [fastest 48.149]

Qualifying - 48.215 [pole]
Pre-final - 48.237 [purple]
Final - 53.243 (Rain again?) [fastest 52.817]

All classes run the same tire in COTA, and even the 100cc classes saw major drop off from new to used, and since they run only 1 set of tires for the whole weekend versus new each day, laptimes look to level out after the first day but we don’t know for sure what the weather was like that weekend.

There is definitely a drop off in tire performance, though, from the first 3 sessions on a set at least.

Im talking about Pompano two week-end ago, a track on a parking lot, very abrasive tarmac

Totally applicable. I was more trying to compare like for like, (same track, same engine, same class) but with different tires.

The assumptions I’d have to throw in are, I don’t know the weather or the standard of driver (it wasn’t the same people racing).

Like you say, Pompano is probably also very abrasive, but that might have caused the same drop off for the Bridgestone too right, or the Evinco they use in IAME here.

Aaron,what tire pressure do you guys run normally,I have the feeling that you can go a little higher than normaal .10 now .14 warm

In europe it’s more 12.2/12,5 psi warm with a x30, lower with an ok

Any more info available if the LeVanto “KRT” is like the LeCont white (medium) or the LeCont red (hard)?

Here is what Acceleration karting say on their website about it?

Manufactured by LeCont, the KRT is the result of careful research and development work. The LeVanto KRT tires are an exclusive product for ROK Cup Global, including ROK Cup USA,

They’re strange, I noticed they were shredding like a pencil eraser at Pompano. I haven’t talked to anyone about the tires, but usually when they shred like that they’re a pretty hard compound that doesn’t stick well.

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