New Member, some questions

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello to the community, and introduce myself. I’ve been a racing fanatic since I was little and for the past few years I really got into karting at my local track in WA. I’m moving to Minnesota this summer, and from the research I’ve been doing, it seems like the midwest is a great place for karting. I’ve only been doing league races with rentals at my local track, but I’m planning on purchasing a 206 kart and eventually my goal is to move into a shiftier then hopefully do some GT4 races.

Right now I’m in the process of acquiring all the necessary gear. I’m looking to get a tonykart 401s, or intrepid 206 chassis. Anyone have any recommendations between the two?

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(waves) I’m from the WA area. We should see if we can hook up before you leave? Are you going to any of the Gold Cup races?

Either TonyKart or Intrepid will be a good chassis to get started on. Parts are everywhere and tons of people have setup information for them.

Nice! And yeah that sounds good! I usually race at PGP and do track days at the Ridge. I wasn’t planning on going to any of the gold cup races since I didn’t really know anyone interested in going. Are you?

Hey @Moo716 . Did we talk on Bobs4cycle? I’m RadialFin over there. :smile:

Also, please update your profile to reflect your full name.

@KartingIsLife yeah we did chat on Bobs4cycle. I’m still Moo716. I kind of like the user interface of this forum better and thought I would get different opinions from a different forum. When I move to Rochester we should go to Stockholm or MKA sometime.


I’ll be at the PSGKA and Sumas Gold Cups at the minimum, and various club races over the year.
Always feel free to come by and say hello, man. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for updating your profile :+1:.

Oh for sure, it’s good to have people weigh in. I like the user interface more here too, but I’m awefully biased :smile:

Yeah, let’s connect when you get out these parts. @Noahkoenig134 and @NSEWnoah are out this way too.

@DavinRS thanks! Are you going to be at psgka Junec10th for o e of their races? Also we should meet at PGP sometime.

@KartingIsLife cool, I’ll be moving late June early July so midway through the karting season. I’m planning on getting my kart and setting it up before winter to do some practice sessions for next year

Hahaha. I haven’t actually planned that far ahead, but since I’m running with Huggler Racing, if they’re there, then I’ll likely be there.

Also one of my teammates is running PGP this season in 206, so I’ll come to some races to support and lend some feedback. I raced 206 and World Formula there for a little while, but I really wanted something faster to drive. :slight_smile:


@DavinRS Nice! Do you know mason buck? Also what are you running now?

Oh yeah. I know Mason and David. Mason’s been on an episode of the Kartpulse Podcast too. Great folks.

Right now, I’m racing X30 with a sprinkle of PRD from time to time. Mostly TAG at the club level.