New Member Welcome! April 19 - April 25, 2021

Big welcome to our new members this week: April 19th - April 25th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.


Jeez. We seem to be growing quite a bit.

No kidding. Although a lot of them seem to be more shy than me. :upside_down_face:

For sure it’s taken a big uptick last month or two. Mostly traffic from web searches, so it’s cool that people are taking the time to sign up when they land here.

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I think once people start reading, they see how open and inviting everyone is its hard to not want to join. Welcome everyone!


Thank you! Appreciate this forum a lot! Y’all have taught me so much and saved me a lot of headache already.
Just bought a 4 stroke Italkart a week or so ago, really excited to get back into karting!