New Member Welcome! August 01 - August 08, 2021

Big welcome to our new members for week: August 2nd - August 8th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

We have some pretty steady growth this year. What is the total member count up to now?

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3100 members right now. Each one is manually approved and requires email verification so they are pretty solid number. Back in March I re-installed a sign up prompt (similar to Quora) to non logged in visitors, so that has a big impact on account creation to the tune of 3x or more.

Other stats while I think of them…

Traffic on average is about 30-40% above from same period in 2020. We should break the 2.5m hits mark this year I think. I’d like to see 3m

Believe it or not Facebook accounts for only 0.97% of referral traffic coming here. Which I guess is good and bad. Good because by design the forums were intended to bring visibility back to karting in organic search, so mission accomplished there. FB could literally disappear and the forums would keep going.

On the other hand, now that we’ve built that organic search base… maybe it’s time to re-visit social.

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I think social media has it’s place, but I believe the Forum has a stronger hold than SM in terms of actual knowledge base. I belong to a few local SM Groups for more direct information about what is happening near me, but for deeper knowledge globally I rely on the Forum.

That prompt was 90% the reason I created an account, not complaining just saying the annoyance factor works lol.

As far as Facebook and the like, there ok if you have a question that’s needs direct input ASAP. After about 20 posts telling you to google it you may get a few people to actually help. But the lack of being able to actually search for things makes them a bit useless for learning much of anything. I also understand why so many people on social are stand offish on certain things, much like on forums were the same things get posted every month, things are reposted almost hourly it seems on social.

I’ve been hearing forums across the board have been trending up again as people realize just how much value is actually there and easily accessible.

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Well hey, we’re glad you’re here

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