New Member Welcome! August 01 - August 09, 2020

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Hi all! 45 ur old guy, lifelong motorcyclist with track experience, but had to reign in my need for the two wheel adrenaline rush after having kids. I’ve been dabbling in karting for about 3 years, most of my experience has been indoors, gas and electric. Last year we entered a couple of rental endurance races at GoPro and AMP and did fairly well. Recently decided to jump into the scene with both feet (landscaping will have to wait) and ordered a 4R/KA100 package from United Karting/J3. Traveling from KY at the end of this month to pick it up. I will never be a high contender but plan on entering several races next season. I’ve gleaned so much information from this forum, and continue to do so as I reread. You guys have an awesome community with so many willing to share their extensive experience. It has been much appreciated!