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I recently had a thought that I wanted to play with go karts again. So I got an old emmick (I believe) to put a KT100 on for a vintage kart. Then I got a Trackmagic that I’m intending to use to play around with clone motors. Also I got a mba chassis that I’m going to have as my shifter. Turns out karting in my area isn’t what it once was and nobody knows anything about it. So I’m just looking for some folks who can save me some time when I have questions and also to read the thoughts and ideas of people who have thought about karting much more than I have.

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Welcome Cassius,
It’s possible that there is some karting .org or club lurking around near you. Where are you located?
Sounds like a fun project getting the karts back up to speed. There’s a pretty deep bench of folks here with wrenching experience that can help a bit from afar.
Anyways welcome!

I’m in Southern Oregon. There is southern Oregon karters but it seems like those wheels could use some grease. There’s also Shasta karters or something that’s within range. Thanks

Thanks. Looks like you have already looked around. We’ve definitely got a bunch of active folk from the PNW, so that might help.

Hi, just a newbie to Karting. Was just wondering and feeling the sport. Getting to know the brands and all. I’ve been getting a lot of reviews on the tony kart 401 and 401r chassis. But I’m quite interested in the difference of each. They have that chassis code since 2015 up to present and is still performing. Are they all the same??

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I can’t speak to the specifics of those two Tonykart models. But I can say that generally most kart chassis on the market are pretty good and perfectly adequate for a newcomer.

The main consideration is what seems to be supported at the races you plan to run. That way well be TonyKart.

Where are you located?