New Member Welcome! August 6 - August 10, 2019

Big welcome to our new members this week: August 6th - August 10th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.

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Well I am watching F1 for quite a long time (at least comparing to my age) like from 2012/3. As I was growing up, I started to get more interested in racing. In the past years, after few nice battles for drivers championship I started to think I could do it myself. Last year after finishing (not sure how is it called in other countries, I guess elementary school) prime school (7-15yrs) I decided I want to try something connected to racing and F1.
So I decided to buy a cheap wheel and pads as well as F1 2015 for PC as my computer could not and still can not run anything better than f1 2015 on lowest graphics :laughing: I was getting better at it and decided I want to go back to a racetrack I once went to when I was very young. I was thrilled by the fact I was driving the kart pretty well 3-4 years after the first time I ever tried it. When I finished the session, I saw a banner that promoted amateur competition “Be winner No.9”. Basically fastest lap competition ending with few races and as a main price, the car, WW UP. I was like “I must get to there and compete for it”. Although too late, I gave it a shot and just missed top 100. Since then, until the end of the year, I kept trying and improving. During the winter break, I was keen to drive it again, and put myself into it more seriously. And I did. Almost a year later, I am in top 20 on the leaderboard and yet to put a real laptime, after night falls and track cools (as it turns out to be the tracks sweet spot, yeah, learned that about a month ago lol). So I had some spare time on vacation a week ago and I found this forum, perfect tips and good people with same interests :wink:

Ooh you gonna love this. You can time trial against folks online as well. Literally set the bar as high as you want and go for it.