New Member Welcome! January 19 - January 25, 2021

Big welcome to our new members this week: January 19th - January 25th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

Happy to find such a great Kart Community and forum! I have just got a L206 Kart and will be racing first season this year. Looking forward to learn !

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Welcome! Where are you from and where will you be driving/racing?

Hi Dom,

I am in Western Canada / Okanagan and will be racing out of Kartplex / Area 27 in Oliver, BC. Really nice track/people there.




My Name is Shaun, I’m 31 from Scotland. New to karting myself but my Dad raced for years when I was young.

I had my very first Praga Kart in 2016, my dad couldn’t get it set and told me it was a piece of sh!# so I got rid of it and concentrated on my business. Last year I bought my first “real” kart to me.

I have an ‘18 401s Kosmic Kart with the Rotax Max Evo engine. I had my first good run at it last year attending 3 out of 4 meetings at local track and 1 at a new track to me. I won my first race heat in the rain with my best result as 4th. I was automatically entered into a challenge that’s between the two tracks again finishing 4th overall, but, had I not lost 5 places on the last lap of a heat at the other track I would have resulted in a 3rd in the challenge. My final result as from 1st to last meeting of 2020.

  1. 7th 2. 6th 3. 5th 4. 4th. It’s taking quite a lot of us to suss out both chassis, kart and tyre set up. Confident for this year though!

The engine hadn’t been rebuilt in 4 years (March 17) so I have had this rebuilt with the newer evo piston and reeds. Guy told me it was very noticeable “used”. I have stripped the entire kart, awaiting to get the frame on a jig. Currently replacing all bearings, stripped and cleaned carbs, replacing any bolts, bushes, protectors etc etc and rebuilding for the 2021 full season. I plan on entering both the clubs opens and only the Scottish MSA this year.

I also have restored an old ‘84 Wright Chassis and sourced a rare Sirio Zenith 100cc engine to sit on her with all new shiny parts too :wink: just about finished this project and cannot wait to get her to the track in summer!


Welcome Shaun. Where in Scotland are you from? I’ve been to the track at Golspie, good times had there with the Scots!

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Post some pics if you can. We have some members that are into doing restorations and would be interested.

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Thank you! I’m from Buckie, my Local track is at Banff, Boyndie. The new track I tried out that I mentioned before was Golspie, came in 5th first time there. Great day and track!

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I will be sure to get them all up! Waiting until the puzzle is finished though! I’m looking for a Wright seat, either fully covered with the stitching on it or fibreglass with Wright on there. I have the old style black seats but think it would look much better with a proper Wright seat in there. Just waiting for my engine to have the all clear, it’s been sat for around a year, the last owner rebuilt and done about half hour run-in so wanted to check seals etc are all ok.

You could make a post looking for that seat and that would get it up top for a day or so. You might get lucky on a lead (probably not since we don’t really have a classifieds yet). But, you never call tell.

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Thanks I will do just that!

James, can I ask what year you were racing at Golspie? My father was asking, as has been going up there since the track opened. Could I ask where you are from too? I read a post that you live in MN? Thanks

Hey Shaun. It was 1998 for the internations cup. I came to tune/spin wrenches though, 100libre was more than my budget could handle.

I live in MN but I’m from Ireland.

Thanks James! His very last time out there was in either 95’ or 97’, he took his good mates chassis out in the rain that had been left in the garage and not looked at for over a year. Put it on the track. Finished up 2nd in final! He lost to Graham Or Gary Clark who was still competing in senior max up until last year.

My family on my Dads side is from Ireland, Dungloe, Donegal.

Budget is what finished my old mans karting.

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