New Member Welcome! January 25 - January 31, 2021

Big welcome to our new members this week: January 25th - January 31st!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

Thanks @KartingIsLife :grin:

I’m actually just entering the world of karting down here in South Africa. I’ve really enjoyed rental karting from a young age, but never really pursued karting as a sport, due to the high costs and also being involved in other sports like rugby and cricket, then later on, road and mountain biking. It’s only now in my mid thirties that I’m able to afford to get into karting, so I went ahead bought a 2nd hand kart along with extras that I got at a really great deal. I’m probably about two weeks away from getting out on track for the first time as I’m waiting for the other equipment to arrive, but am super excited as you can imagine! I do think I’ve jumped into the deep end with the DD2 I bought though but I’m fine with taking it slow as I’m learning. Why a DD2 many will ask, and good question, as I’d ask myself the exact same question! It is mainly due to the DD2 class really growing quite nicely down here amongst those, like me, who are entering the sport late, but want to get into karting. There are the younger more serious racers, but then a growing group of us that are just there to have some fun doing mostly practice laps and then maybe later on a race or two. So my main reason I’m out there is to have some fun on a weekend turning in laps with great company.

Sorry for the long post :sweat_smile:

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Welcome Aiyaaz! Please tell me you are near Idube and have a gopro! That place is one of my favorites (to admire from afar).

Also, DD2 is big in SA, yes? I started x30 which is not too far off power wise, as well. No big issues but it’s of course pretty fast. Just takes longer to get competent as the first few weeks involve getting used to being mildly terrified by the whole process.

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Thanks @Bimodal_Rocket

Idube does look like an amazing track, but I’m unfortunately based in Cape Town. Idube is based in Durban. Once I am more comfortable in the kart, I do plan on going up there to experience Idube though! When I do, I’ll be sure to post a video :grinning:

Yeah DD2 is a really popular class here in South Africa and is still gaining in popularity. Thanks for sharing that you started out in X30 as it does give me a little bit more confidence that this can be done!

The funny thing is, two other people described what I’d feel using the exact same word you used, TERRIFYING… hahaha. But I’m looking for forward to the challenge and climbing that very steep learning curve.

Great news btw. What starts as terrifying turns into elation once you start getting the hang of it. It’s amazing, welcome and have fun. As you are in an “exotic” location, I sure hope we get to see some of your tracks and races.

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