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OK I will! Hi folks, I’m Rob and I live in Placerville California, home of the Gold Rush, right up the hill, in fact, from where gold was discovered in 1849. You’ve heard of “the 49’ers”? This is where the term came from! My local track is Prairie City OHV Park and All Star Karting. A half mile track with various configurations, it includes a recreation of Laguna Seca’s famous “corkscrew”. I learned about it from a guy who installed our new flooring, and I tried out the rental karts. I got hooked. Thanks to the insurance company, who paid off generously, my dear wife gave me the go-ahead to buy my own kart!! (Bless her ever-lovin’ heart!)

Waiting on a B&S engine to complete the build. It’ll be a 2021 BirelArt 206. The anticipation is killing me, so I’m spending my wait time hanging out here, and educating myself on this new hobby. (I’ve been into RC cars for ten years now, since retiring. I have a track on my property where my buddy and I race each other. We even have a timing system for announced lap times!)

I LOVE internet forums for this reason. Great places to share/gain knowledge. So I appreciate all the contributors here! I used to be a drummer, and have played in several bands over the years. Music is a big love of mine. Mostly music of the 70s…especialy Prog…Yes, Genesis, Camel, Happy The Man, King Crimson, etc. As well as Jazz, especially the progressive stuff like Return To Forever and Shadowfax.

I drive a Chevy Bolt EV (Love it!!) that I’ll be using to tow my utility trailer and Kart to the track. Installed my own hitch, thanks to the Chevy Bolt Forum! Looking forward to learning all about this sport and getting more involved. Certainly, I’ll eventually get into racing. At least at my home track. Gotta measure your driving skills against others, in order to learn, right? :grin: Cheers!


Welcome! I remember Placerville from when I lived in SF. If I am not mistaken, you are pretty close to Tahoe? Welcome to kart racing.

Wait, what. I need to see pics of this. I’ve seen a Toyota MR2 pull a kart trailer, but this intrigues me.

Hey Dom! Yeah, Placerville is about halfway between Sacramento and Tahoe. The kart track is only a half hour away!

I’ll get those up when I get the kart! Absolutely.
If you haven’t driven electric, you really should check it out. Stop by your local Chevy dealer. I find it eminently practical and economical. 200hp and 266ft/lbs of twist is quite peppy. Range of 235mi, charges overnight. No gas, no oil changes. :grin: We regularly take it with the tandem kayak on top to an alpine lake an hour away and 7000ft higher! It’s officially not rated to tow anything, but the Bolt forum has many examples of folks towing a light-duty trailer of some kind, in the neighborhood of 1500lbs. loaded. I’ve done it and it’s not bad. :+1: Pulls it with no problem. Did it twice, when I bought the POS I bought, and when I hauled it to the dump. :roll_eyes:


Hello everyone! I’m Rasmus from Denmark. Been loving motorsport my whole life and when I got a friend with a kart (Rotax DD2) we started doing a whole bunch of rental racing on the weekends. He thought I was good enough to try his kart. The rest is, as they say, history. Bought my own second-hand RedSpeed (OTK) DD2 chassis in November last year and have been running practice this whole season.

Still learning the ropes, and I haven’t done any racing yet, but I’m loving every part of it. The kart has some expensive gremlins we’ve been discovering as I push it further. The price of doing the hobby to me. Got it for a steal even with gremlins factored in.

My biggest problem is that my driving style is still heavily based on rentals. That is a problem, especially on the brakes and turn-in. Trying to dial it out bit by bit.

Local track is “Midtjysk Karting Klub”. A clock-wise circuit that has two long straights, 4 slow, technical hairpins, and a technical left-right section that puts you at the edge of adhesion in the upper parts of the rev range. Quite like it but the size spoils compared to other, much smaller, tracks in the vicinity.


Welcome! Great to see new folks from around the world. Very cool that you have DD2 out there. Do you plan to eventually race?

I am assuming you are an adult. Is there a beginner friendly DD2 series n Denmark?

I do plan to race! I’m aiming for a race happening at the track at the end of September, but it all depends on how much time I’ll have as my courses start again in late August. For reference, I’m a university student studying Computer Science. Races will very much be on a casual basis.

The DD2 isn’t part of the national series but is raced as part of our local Rotax Max Challenge. At my local track it’s by far the biggest single class, and splitting up the heats on race days into “DD2 - 1” and “DD2 - 2” is often required because we get 45+ entries.

DD2 isn’t “beginner-friendly” here as such. However, since it’s not part of the normal progression through the ranks it’s often the ending point of older hobbyists. The implementation of two weight classes as well as a “masters” (40+) series indicates this. It gives a series that isn’t targeted for beginners but is competitive without being cutthroat. I quite enjoy it.

I will say that the DD2 isn’t the best kart to start in as a beginner anyway. I just happened to have a friend (and his dad) with the knowledge and expertise needed for me to take proper care of it, do setup, tune the carb, and handle transportation needs. It’s quite a performant beast.

Electric cars are amazing for high altitude driving. We had a rental SUV when we went to Hawaii and driving it at 10,000 feet we had like 10hp and 4mpg. The people that work at the observatory on mauna loa all have electric cars.
Welcome to the forum!

It seems like a great package where it’s supported. I saw one here when John Bonanno qualified for the Rotax Worlds. It’s a neat solution that would be very interesting to drive.
I believe @Robaracing52 races DD in a Benelux region championship. Seems to be popular in Europe and Africa. Welcome again and we look forwards to hearing/seeing more from your corner of this lovely planet.

Btw I started with too much power too. It’s fine!

Hi Rasmus! Welcome from California! Computer Science guy, eh? I worked for Intel Corp for 21 years. Got to see the start of the PC revolution from the inside. Best wishes with your studies! Please, try to figure out a way to make the internet a safer place! See ya around the forum :grin:

Here ya go James! Just picked it up at the track today! Did a few sessions. Surprised how spritely it moves! Definitely faster than the rental karts! The low end power was a surprise. The Bolt seems to have no problem towing the trailer with the kart on it. :+1: