New Member Welcome! July 19 - July 25, 2021

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Hi, my name is Andy and i live in Rochester, NY. Well not quite “new” to karting ( i raced a kart a few times about 30 yrs. ago) I’m going to get back involved in racing and just having fun. I’m a mechanic by trade and recently picked up a CRG chassis that i probably ran those 30 yrs ago! I am hopefully going to get it on track at Avon in a few weeks if nothing more than a test and tune to start to figure the chassis out. As for the future I would like to get involved in enduro racing as well. I like the 206 program for the simplicity of going back and forth between local and big tracks but will probably run clone or open in order to build my own motors.

I have downloaded the AKRA and NKA tech manuals but don’t know to who’s standards I should build to? Do other sanctioning bodies allow cross-over between them? What exactly constitutes CIK bodywork? I know the slanted nerf bars on my kart are not allowed anymore, and that’s ok i’ll make new ones but for a test day are they ok? All kinds of questions I need answers too! Guess I need to visit the track soon! Anyhow that’s my story and I look forward to “talkin” to you all and meeting you at the track! Andy

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