New Member Welcome! June 01 - June 06, 2021

Big welcome to our new members this week: June 1st - June 6th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

Hello, my name is Mike and I current live in South Carolina. I have always enjoyed cars, motor racing, and competition. Played a couple thousand hours of Gran Turismo growing up. I raced bicycles for the past decade and I think it’s finally time I live out some childhood dreams. Karting seems like the right fit for a number of reasons. I want to get started in a LO206 kart. If I find success - and a better job - maybe progress to something a little faster. Until then it will solely be to have fun and try to win some races. I’m hear to learn and absorb what I can before I get started.


Welcome Michael. Where in South Carolina will you be karting, hopefully? I had a place near Charleston for a while and was never about to find anything nearby-ish. I did not look that hard though. I will be interested to see what you discover.

Shawn here! I’m in SC as well. Grew up with my dad racing yamaha sprint road racing…when I was old enough (and badgered him enough) he threw me in a laydown. Well now I’m all “grow’d” up and after about a 25 year hiatus… Ive got my own laydown kart…and got to turn the wrenches for myself and get the rest of my family racing. I’m learning as I go so sorry if I “bombard” anyone with questions :rofl:

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Welcome Shawn. There’s a few fellas in here that also do lay downs.

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Great to have more road racers here. In addition to myself, @Rapid1, @R3Speed, @spribyl, and @Patrick_Olsen are the first road racers that come to mind. Hopefully they will chime in next week after the event at Mid Ohio.

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I’m planning on testing/racing at Carolina Motorsports Park, GoPro motorplex, and maybe Atlanta Motorsports Park. They’re about 1, 1.5, and 3 hours away.