New Member Welcome! March 31 - April 06, 2020

Big welcome to our new members this week: March 31st - April 6th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

Greetings all,
We are in Humble,TX just on the east side of Houston and are fortunate to have our Kart track just 20 min away in New Caney. I as a 16 year old competed for several races in Croatian and Yugoslav (then) karting back in 1980. 40 years later my 16 year old and I are starting a Karting hobby. The kart is almost built - older shifter Tony Kart 401 converted to 206… we are super happy so far with people we meet at the track and just spending time running a kart and working on it. I sure brings back awesome memories from my youth. We are hoping to race for the first time soon. I wish everyone safety and comfort in these trying times.
Mladen and Rocco Ruzic


Welcome! I hope you and your son can get back on track soon. Feel free to ping us with any questions, we shall do what we can.

We have a young fella from Serbia who frequents the forums that began karting competitively last year in time trial and racing sprint rentals this year. It is really neat to see his races and hear his experiences racing.

What was racing like in the former Yugoslavia in the 80s? Any stories?

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What a great story! Welcome to the forums!