New Member Welcome! November 12 - November 25, 2019

Big welcome to our new members this week: November 12th - November 25th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

Hi all. I write from Spain and I hope to share your experiences and learn. I’ve only been in karting for 1 year and I do it as a hobby. I run an autonomous championship here in Spain. I had a pcr x30 and now I have an intrepid kz. I send you some photos of the 2 thanks.

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I do not direct. I participate in an autonomous championship. esque I use the google translator and does weird things.

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Glad to have you here!

Hello! Welcome. Can you explain what an autonomous championship is? Is that related to self-driving cars or rc cars?

Hi. This is a regional karting championship. there is a category of children, category x30 and category kz. Last year I ran in x30 and this year I will go out in KZ if everything goes well.

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Nice. Thanks for the explanation.