New Member Welcome! October 11 - October 17, 2021

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Hi kartpulse, I’m a newb to karting; not to racing.

Normally I run supermoto; however, the local club was pretty quiet this year due to COVID which lead to karting.

First kart was borrowed from a friend. An 09 Italkart with a Honda GX200 clone. On my initial introduction to karting I only lasted the first practice session then the motor starter system blew up… That’s me #18 rocking/wearing MX gear on a kart…

So we rebuilt the starter using borrowed components from a power washer. Picked up a suit, and joined the field again.

Unfortunately, I got tired of throwing money into my buddies kart for things that I broke and/or maintenance that needed to be carried out… Plus, I was extremely underweight for master weight, and I wasn’t allowed to modify the kart in any way… so, it was time to pick up my own to get up to weight.

Managed to find a '20 Italkart Laguna with an X125T motor package from Catalyst Driver Development in Surrey, BC for a great price.

Off to the races I go with my “new” kart. First night on it… I was tied for P1 going into the final round of the day… unfortunately, I made an error and spun… resulted in me having to fight from P10 to P4… I was upset; yet, pleased at the results.

Second day on the kart was “rivers running across the track WET”; and I only had slicks… well, that never went well. Got black flagged on the first warm-up lap of the main because I was about to get lapped :rofl: Everyone else was on rains… Now I knew what it was like trying to drive up a water slide on slicks felt like. I do have video… but, I haven’t uploaded it yet.

Third day on the kart again was WET… again I arrived with slicks. However, another team lent me a set of “experienced” rains that still showed a shadow of a tread pattern… Again… not my greatest outing. I managed to finish P7 in the main… Again was taking video, but I’ve been too busy to edit/upload them so far. Luckily we had a photographer braving the conditions that captured a few candids.
I changed numbers temporarily to #99 until I can get race legal ones to run around BC.

Now, it’s time for repairs over the winter… Seems all those huge puddles I submarined the kart through washed all the grease out of the rear axle bearings and thereby allowing muddy water to fulfill the lubrication needs of the axle. Needless to say, I don’t think “crunchy” should be an appropriate word to describe rotating the rear axle.

That’s it for me… see you next season.


Welcome! Funny you should have the Italian motors engine that’s being discussed. How do you like it?

Welcome to Karting Sean! Glad to see you took the reins and dove in deep. Best of Luck. Let us know if need help with anything.