*New Members* - Please put your first AND last name in your profiles

This is just an admin post, that I’m going to sticky to the top of the forums for the new members.
Please use your first and last name in your profile, and your real names. For example, ‘Mr.Smith1234’ is not ok.

One of the reasons that the Kartpulse Community works so well, is that everyone is transparent with their real names in the discussion (and we have an unspoken ‘don’t be an asshole’ rule that works pretty well.)

Anyhow, any users that are posting without a real first and last name in their profile will be given a three-strike warning, asking for them to amend their profile names before action is taken.

Keep it simple.

-Davin Sturdivant (Admin)


I’m putting this topic back in General Karting, because so many of our members use this board.
If folks can help to remind new members to share their full names as they join as well, that will make our admins really happy!