New MG Red SH2 for 2024

Interesting you mention that about the times not being any better. It was a weird weekend for me testing at Dousman, we were on the Vega reds but the track was so green we were bogging a bit and weren’t much faster than the hard MG oranges. Ended up taking almost all the front out and going really high in tire pressure to get some more grip which helped a lot. Curious to try out the new MG compound soon.

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On the previous generation of MGs I always found the balance to shift forward on new rubber and start to fix itself after one heat cycle.


Well, I had my first race on the SH2 compound and I am finding these tires frustrating. Running KA I practiced on the old SH and the kart felt good. I put new tires on for the rest of the race day. I started with 10psi all around and found the rear felt loose but good front bite. For the prefinal and final I went to 8 on the right (most left hand turns on our track) and 9 on the left. I found them okay but slow at the start, at about 10 laps in they were about their best and then quickly became almost undrivable loose. For the final, I stayed with the pressure but narrowed the front and widened the rear and found it slightly faster but still became a handful for the last few laps. I had a lot of hopping that rarely happened with the old compound. It was a mostly sunny day and in the low 80’s.

My thinking is to try the old 14psi ish presure as it feels like the tires are deforming under load. Any other suggestions?

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Have had a few people drop rear ride height and really like the change. The problem to me though is that they are going to it way early in the season/heat and are going to be searching when we get to the dog days of summer.

One interesting idea we backed in to - one of our masters weight guys was having rib issues and changed to a Ribtect seat. They are incredibly stiff compared to a Tillett VG like we typically ran on KA karts. He said it did save his ribs but he actually thinks it felt like it settled the kart down. I’m leaning toward testing the OTK seat or a T11 STD or T against the VG. Anyone travel down that path yet and have any feedback?

Not 100% on topic here so take it with a grain of salt, but I’ve gone from a soft seat (Greyhound Silver R) to a T11t for this year, and so far have been happy with the results. This is on MG Yellows in KZ Masters, but I’ll point out that we’ve observed similar handling dynamics at NCMP across various tires and classes. It seems the updated compounds are already increasing the baseline grip level (practice days now feel “grippy”), and lap times are already faster than last year.

These two quotes summarize where we are headed. Do what you need to do to take mechanical grip out of your kart as you got plenty of rubber grip. And, as stated, its about to get worse when its 95 degrees outside in July. May even need to start thinking outside the box.


I think raising your pressures would be a good experiment to see if it helps the hopping. Just be observant of how the tires work through a run.

These tires can work in a variety of pressures as we are finding out on different surfaces and track grip levels.

“Hopping” and “loose” are generally contradictory terms. Is the kart sliding the rear or is it binding in the rear?

If it is hopping then your changes make sense. You want to reduce some of the dig and transfer to the outside rear tire so wider rear track would be my go to change to start.

But fundamentally if the kart feels like the tires are not in the right working window, I would start with some pressure experimentation before getting too deep in the weeds with chassis adjustments. If the tire takes 10 laps to come in and then falls off immediately, that says to me that you haven’t found the right working pressures for your situation.

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Me trying to figure out the SH2 baseline…


I’m in the same boat. We race at Badger and Road America. I feel like we’re running similar to lower pressure compared to the SH1 sat Road America, but running higher pressures at Badger compared to the SH1.

We’re also very early into the season, and the track is still rubbering up.

As for fall-off, I haven’t seen any yet. We have sets with 12 sessions running as fast as new rubber. But the tracks are getting faster in general as the season moves along.

I hate to spend $$ on tires too early.

I feel like we are getting closer but still need more time to figure these things out.

I’m ~15 lbs lighter than I raced last year which has allowed me to run with more fuel and I was running weight up front at the pedals and realized this past weekend I moved weight bias by 1.5% forward. I’m fixing that first before making any other changes.

I would think that would be the right direction for the sticky tires?

I guess I am somewhat relieved I’m not the only one scratching my head. So far there is only one other guy one these tires at our track but he is running an iKart. So take take mechanical grip out…What are some ways to achieve this?

Reduce caster, widen rear track, narrow front track, more negative camber, softer axles, softer torsion bars.

The new tires feel almost identical in terms of on-the-limit behavior and balance, to the old for me, just more overall grip. I’ll provide more detailed feedback once we get to a track with some actual grip, like Stars New Castle in a couple weeks.

I’ve got a head scratcher on these tires: I’m not able to get more speed out of a fresh set for qualifying. 2 race weekends now I’ve gone out for morning warmup on used tires, then mounted new rubber and gone the exact same time in qualifying as warmup within a tenth. I can’t explain it or understand what I’m missing that I can’t take advantage of? My competitors seem able to find 2-3 tenths in qualifying on new tires where I cannot. I actually go faster than qualifying in the pre-final! Am I just missing the tire pressure window or are people making chassis changes just for qualifying?

Have a couple ideas in mind… Actually getting kind of giddy thinking about getting to do something different! Lol

What kind of falloff are you seeing with the new MG in terms of # laps before replacement

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I don’t have a ton of info there but I took a set to 12 heat cycles and they were only a couple tenths off pace. However, the sidewalls were completely soft when dismounting so not sure how much life they had left in them. They may have a hard fall off of time after a certain point which I didn’t reach. I did also feel like near the end that tuning changes weren’t making much of a difference.

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I just used a set this weekend at a street race and we’re around 475+ laps over the course of about 35 sessions on a 206. Still haven’t changed the setup from last year’s old compound.

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I would agree with this take Chris. They still work reasonably well at that stage, but they get very numb to Tuning changes.

So, now some time has passed, what is the current take for starting pressures with the MG Red SH2 tires? The website says ~14.5 psi. We ran on them at Cincinnati a couple weekends ago and the tire pressures were anywhere from 12 to 20 psi. Talking to some other 206 guys I decided to run pressures similar to what we ran with the Hoosier R60Bs - around 13 psi. I got the feeling that while they seemed to stick well in turn 1, I struggled for grip in the slower stuff. We’re racing at Fremont (MUCH different track) Sunday and want to see what the KartPulse hivemind thinks. TIA!