New MG Red SH2 for 2024

Homologation sheet for the new for 2024 MG Reds (SH2), 7.10 rears

Homologation sheet for previous MG Reds (SH), 7.10 rears

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Anyone know how to find the old fiche so we can compare values? :smile:

Here is the SH2 front tire specs

It looks like, new tires are softer, stiffer, heavier but potentially last longer?

Good catch, I hadn’t noticed that size difference between the two sheets I posted. I’ve corrected my first post to now include the notation for size, and also included the link to the older rear spec (which wasn’t included before). That durometer tho…wow

Softer sidewall and softer rubber Top is front tire bottom rear, Left old compound right new

Well I guess that set of new reds I saved last year are now practice tires. So much for being thrifty.

When are the new compounds supposed to be at distributors, and how can you identify the new ones to make sure you’re not getting old stock of the old compound?

I’m guessing they’ll be labeled SH2 vs the current SH. But that’s just a guess


There may be a delay in what gets brought to the states, wouldn’t surprise me if the states don’t see the new compound until late 2024 or maybe early 2025. Can’t say with any certainty, but wouldn’t surprise me.

They are spec tire next week at SKUSA Winter Series.

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I stand corrected :joy:

Yeah this will be pretty interesting for local club racing as folks catch on to (or don’t) the change and old stocks are worked through

selfishly the old platform worked really well for the old fat guy racers running heavy. at 390 we were already putting a pretty decent hurt on the sidewalls of the old ones.

Only kinda. It looks like SKUSA supplies the tires, right? The rules say you have to run their tire, so I am guessing. I haven’t been there firsthand. I cannot find the SH2 for sale anywhere online though, so my guess is they are importing them directly. Who knows before they are actually available to the public…

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Fwiw, I think the supply channels to dealers are already affected. I called my local track and they told me they have no more fronts available, only rears. I asked if this was normal, and they said ‘no never’.

Under Evinco guise or MG?

Because I swear the previous gen Evincos were different than the MG equivalent, even if sources claimed otherwise. So would be curious to know if this gen tire is the “same”, Evinco to MG.

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MG - even though it’s a SKUSA event, at Homestead for Winter series they run MG, not Evinco.

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Looking at skusa site it appears the shifters and x30 will use the Evinco red. So there will be Evinco and MG at the event.

I wonder if the “what is karting” topic could simply be put as

“Perpetual confusion” :laughing:

I’m ready for some rubbered up tracks again.

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Would MG only produce the newer version or would they produce both the older version along with the newer version?