New Model X30. Will it make it in the US?

I knew Iame was in the works on a more powerful version of the x30. Looking through mondo kart website it appears they are starting to ship, Anyone reckon this will make its way here? If so how would the rules change (in weight I imagine) to negate the almost 9 BHP Difference.

Love to have some thoughts on this.

Unlikely to replace X30, unless they plan to annoy a lot of people. IAME have form taking their CIK engine and making a ‘commercial’ version of it.

What they plan to do with the engine is anyone’s guess.

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There is a lot of money invested into X30 here. It would be extremely risky to tell all the big teams that they need to invest in a new package at this point.

I can’t see IAME in the USA getting behind it. But who knows? It could be a “pro” thing, but grid dilution is always a concern.

I dont think this is a new x30 that will take over from x30s. Just a nice addition to whats allready at the market

is 7 hp more, and not a x30 engine, but a new type.

Yes my bad. Normal X30 has 28 this one claims 37.

Definitely understand. I just thought Iame wanted to put out something more powerful. I read it wrong as x30 but it’s s125. Thought it was comperable. Europe gets a lot more variations than we do.

I think my view was also slightly skewed as my OKC is my local track and it’s very Rok heavy. Few x30s in their cup races. Didn’t think about the bigger picture nationally

There was a time when Iame had a ton more engines listed. They really put a lot out there.

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It would be an interesting choice to bring it to US currently after seeing the OK implementation fall somewhat flat.

When the FIA promote the European Championship with lines like this

“The OK category, open to Drivers aged 14 and over, represents the ultimate stage in international karting, leading young talent towards single-seater racing…”

it’s no wonder the class, in any form, can’t gain interest from the general karting populace. it’s a huge “don’t race this class” sign. That’s not to say it’d automatically work otherwise, but the FIA are just so exceptionally bad at this sort of thing.

For IAME, how many times have the tried this kind of thing? The Super X30 fell flat. I don’t think it’s worth destabilising your already existent classes unless you’re introducing a home run product. Rotax have boxed clever because they’ve basically introduced a ‘new’ engine without anyone really noticing. The MAX FR125 allows them to with their ‘upgrade’ packages. The X30 has less scope for that kind of thing.