New oil tech rules

Anyone see this yet? What are the thoughts on why you might want to do this. Will it lead to fuel cheating now?


TECH UPDATE: At the request of national competitors and engine builders, effective immediately, SuperKarts! USA will allow a slight modification to the spec oil rule for all IAME X30 and SSE powered classes in SKUSA competition.
Beginning at the SKUSA Winter Nationals, SKUSA will begin allowing the optional use of 50% castor oil to the spec fuel mixture. To be clear, this means 4oz of castor oil + 4oz of Motul 2t + 1 gallon of VP12 gasoline.
Normal fuel tests will still be conducted, and governed accordingly. The following is a list of some known Castor Oils that can be utilized:

  • Burris Castor Oil (902-1)
  • Maxima 927 Castor
  • Klotz BeNol – BC175
  • Blendzall BC460 Pure Castor
  • Nature’s Oil Castor Oil

Our club allows the use of either full synthetic or a mix of castor and synthetic in the same ratios. Doesn’t seem to have ever caused any issues unless people mix it wrong and throw off the fuel meter.

I think it’s a nice compromise for those that would still prefer to run castor and not full synthetic.

How do you think people would use it to cheat?

I guess I was just thinking it would cause different fuel readings among different oil combinations. Allowing someone to sneak in some sort of fuel additive unnoticed.

I’m not an expert in how the fuel meter works, but I don’t think it leaves enough wiggle room for that to happen, but I guess people determined to cheat will always find a way.

It’s interesting them giving so many options. Our club only has one synthetic and one syn/castor option.