New or used

Here is my debate. A new kart race ready goes for about 4,300-4,500. I finding used race ready for about 3,800. About 800-1k for a new one. Is it worth just going for a new one ? A used one can go for repairs cost 500-600? Pretty new to the sport and want advise. Going for a 206 CRG. Used ones are OTK.

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It’s rarely beneficial to buy new vs lightly used unless you absolutely have to. To 90% of drivers, used and new feel and perform identical. I have back-to-backed new vs used chassis many times over my career and I have never found any lap time or measurable difference in feel unless the used kart was truly toast. Like four or five seasons old.

Seems like that’s a high price for used though. Where are you located?

I’d go used until you know what your looking for. Even then you don’t have to buy new. I know plenty of guys who just keep buying lightly used chassis one after another from sponsored teams who ditch them after a single weekend. Money is more disposible to them, so why not take advantage and get a deal on an otherwise newish kart.

I got mine that was 18 months old and paid $1,400. It needed a motor but I was all in for $2,500.

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It makes no difference if your dealing with quality metal chassis… Some chassis dont hold up over time though as tube quality is garbage… So hard to say.

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I’m located in S Florida. Can’t seem to find something cheap worth buying. Everything is around 3500-3800 and saw this deal race ready, new for 4500. I thought to myself I don’t have to deal w changing parts.

Where did you find that deal? That pretty cheap.

The only advantage to new is you have the assurance it is straight and true. However, you can find that in used too but it can be a little tricky as it may be tough to visually see. You also seem to be very specific on a used brand. As it has been said many times on this forum finding a brand that is supported by your local kart shop, track or teams is a priority as they will have parts, advice and tuning suggestions. These same places often have used karts too and sometimes they have been checked before being sold so you can be more assured its good to go.

When you say “race ready” does that include a motor?

Some things to check if looking at used:
The bottom of the chassis - does it have noticeable wear from hitting the ground? Avoid if it does.
Has the chassis been rewelded - welds do fail, maybe not a deal breaker, but I would avoid. Seat mounts and rear bearing mounts are key places to look.
Chasis straightness - tough to check visually, but if it has been verified on a chassis table it should be fine.

Yes race ready is with LO206 included. Hi have been trying to find a good used one and went to a team in my closest race track and offer me same race ready but 3800.

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When you consider that buying a new motor and making it race ready will cost around $1000 - $1400 depending on clutch and motor mount the asking price is reasonable. It is also tough to find used 206’s too. How old are the chassis and motors they are selling?

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Id be a bit skeptical about a new (2023/2022) race ready for 4500, thats usually the price for a new roller, no motor.

Facebook Marketplace. Concenrate on areas with large tracks, or even better, places were local tracks have recently closed. When OGP closed last year, the Ocala area was a really good place to find a deal.

I know a guy who just 2 weeks ago who got two 2021 Comp Karts complete with Lo206 motors, tools, and an air conditioned aluminium dual axle 14 foot cargo trailer for like $4,500. He was searching in areas in Texas where TSRS runs, and found a “I’m getting out of karting” sale. Those can usually be a screaming deal if you can come up with cash quickly and move just as quickly.

He kept the trailer and sold the two Comp Karts and made his money back. Then he used that money to buy himself a brand new MGM chassis.

Thank you everyone for the advice I think I would go with a used one trying to get one for 3-3200k. With motor 2021 okt

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New chassis can be found on sale from time to time. I got a GP8 for $3500 & Energy Corsa Eclipse for $4500 new (both shifters). That said, probably easier to find deals on used, just always inspect for cracks, underside wear/damage, etc.

look on marketplace on facebook

Check out Perkins Racing they are in Florida and I am sure they can set you up.