New project

Howdy all, I just recently picked up a new kart (new to me at least). It’s a Phantom Banshee, and I’m asking here to see if there’s any general info I can get on the chassis. Would it be worth my time to restore it and keep it as a yard kart or should I race it? I don’t know what direction I want to go in yet. Thanks for any future help

Found this on Bob’s. Discussing various models. Seems the banshee is a bit older.

Sounds like a popular manufacturer.

What type of racing do you have in your area? Dirt or Road Course?

We have dirt racing. The chassis I have is a dirt kart I believe

It is for sure. Although this forum is based more on Sprint/Road Course Racing I am sure you may get some input on your selection. I however, cannot provide any help in that arena.

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