NEW Rental Karting Track in NJ! GRX at Raceway Park in Englishtown

Go Kart Racing Experience aka GRX is a new rental kart track opening at Raceway Park, on the old Drag Strip. I got an invite to the soft launch and had a great time! The track is a ton of fun!


Each lap consists of 12 turns (depending on how you count them) and lasts about 50-52 seconds for a good lap. Sessions use a typical bulk pricing model (1 for $35, 2 for $60, etc.) and go for 12 minutes.

You start with a high speed decreasing radius curve into a mini chicane as you pick up speed towards a larger chicane. You then pick up full speed again leading to a hairpin with plenty of room to run off, followed by a high speed slalom into a tight left and then double apex right leading back to the high speed T1.

You drive a fleet of CRG Centurion Seniors sporting Honda GX270s, which has tons of grip, thanks to GRX’s use of a softer tire (relative to your typical rental kart tires).

They’re planning to open for real in June, but next weekend (May 25 and 26, 2024 11am to 5pm) they plan to do another “soft launch”. Show up to the Raceway Park drag strip if you’re interested! (If anything changes, I’ll try to remember to update here).

I also tried out some new GoPro settings today, stepping down to ND16 from ND32, and stepping up to 1/96 from 1/48. I like it! I’m not sure which I like better. These settings are a bit more subtle about the motion blur compared to some of my recent videos, but still look really good!

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More options!!! Why was I not in loop? How can I be a boss mob of NE rental karting if no one tells me anything?

FYI was noticing with the ND filter…

It makes the peripheral areas “blurry” which initially is jarring… but as you watch your brain absorbs it and it ends up feeling normal. Kind of cool!

What happens if you use extreme nd?

The aperture is fixed yes? Shutter varies, I believe. The other variable is iso/asa.

If you slapped a really dark filter it would crank up asa so it could shoot 30fps?

The track looks great. Dare I say better than Etown?

Also, whose centurions are those? Is this a Keith thing?

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I posted in our group chats + Discord :smile: I was hoping you’d show!!

By that, do you mean ND64 (the most in the pack I got)? Or something else?

The higher the number the more light is blocked out, so you have to run a slower shutter speed / more motion blur, or the video comes out black.

I like it better than the parking lot track!

Yes, the last part of the race in my video above is me battling with Keith. It was his first time testing out the track too :smiley:

I drove out today but wires got crossed and Keith cancelled, alas.

I did talk to him and he’s thinking about doing an evening league, which would be awesome!

I walked around, checking out the track, which looks like a ball. Varied surfaces and looks grippy as heck in some parts, skatier in others. It looks fast and technical and will be fun to race!

The new track is on what used to be the drag strip. The surface prep in the launch area paints a lovely picture:

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