New Rental Track: Las Vegas “Superkarts”

Maybe a little too tight for competition type Karting. But still looks like a good facility:

Kinda looks like the supernats with rentals. Sweet.

I can’t imagine SKUSA being all that happy seeing a business, as a karting entity, based in Las Vegas, having the name “Superkarts” in it.

A good point well made.

True but I doubt you can trademark superkart and anyways, I doubt the TJs and Norbergs of the world will get confused and show up to the wrong parking lot.

Now that would be funny.

SKUSA could file a cease and desist I think. If they felt it prudent to do so.

Trademark infringement isn’t about the end user confusing products. Ford got Ferrari to change the name of their F150 F1 car because it infringed on Ford’s F-150, and I doubt people would confuse those two vehicles. Hell, Whyte Bikes just won their court case against Rich Energy for copying their logo and mountain bikes and energy drinks aren’t even in the same industry.

I think “Superkart” is a unique enough term to trademark if someone wanted to, and I think SKUSA would have a good case against another business using the Superkart name in Las Vegas where SKUSA has a long-standing and very successful event using that name.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see SKUSA do something about it.

No doubt you are correct. It would be prudent to protect your brand, even if its not a slam dunk.

At one point it was, around the 2000’s as I recall. I think the British superkart association had the copyright for it.
SuperkartS of course is technically different.

Being from Europe I did think it was odd to see CIK karts racing in a series called SUPERKARTS USA. It was not what I was expecting to see :smiley:

Will depend on if their trademark includes the ! At the end. If they only trademarked it with the ! They might not be able to defend it. I would assume they trademarked both