New rib protectors with sternum plate?

Anyone tried out the newer rib protectors with the sternum plates? Anyone found a good one? My bengio is starting to go soft and I’m looking for a new rib protector but I think that extra plate will drive me crazy.

Reminds me of the kid karter ones that they wear on the outside of their firesuits…

Yea I think the FIA has mandated this style for junior drivers. Not sure if Seniors are required to wear it as well. I’m not sure what that plate is meant to protect, it would be a very odd accident to get hit in the chest. Might have something to do with younger people being as risk of damaging their sternum?


Yeah the sternum is particularly squishy and not fully developed in kiddos.

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Honestly seems like a good idea. Can’t hurt having sternum protection!


How long have you had your bengio? My freem carbon still in a good condition after 15 years time.

About 5 years of heavy use. I can just feel the main body of it is going soft. Composites can only be flexed and abused for so long before they start to delaminate and deteriorate.

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Here’s a solid shunt with straight impact. My torso is indeed sent towards the steering column (although in this case the speeds are such that I’m ok, although my neck still hurts months later).

I don’t know how fast you’d need to be going to be protected from the steering wheel. I have yet to have an impact where my sternum makes contact with steering assembly.

Impact actually causes both GoPros to shift down. I actually wrench these down tight.

Ouch big hit. Love that you just keep mashing the gas after. Move!

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The sternum plate originally was only for the little kids who sit right up close to the wheel and have no arm strength to mitigate their inertia in a wreck like this, so they go right into the wheel with their chest.

Less necessary for adult drivers who can brace themselves more and sit further from the wheel, but still worth protecting, as sternum injuries can be really bad.


That makes a ton of sense. Since Nick started around 10, I missed the munchkin stage. I can see what you mean about how their arms are short, they are much more upright, etc. They probably hinge more at the waist, are right up against the wheel, etc.

that boy is hitting the gaz hard !!!

" you can drive through it cole !! "

I tried. The laws of physics prevailed yet again.

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Well, unless your chest hits the steering wheel

They’re required for all ages at International events. I have the Bengio version, and I honestly don’t even notice the chest plate when driving.

Not to be morbid, but the only death I’ve witnessed at a kart track was the result of a broken sternum over 25 years ago, when a kid took a shot to the steering wheel - so I’m all for the safety they provide.


The KBP (Karting Body Protection) systems have been mandatory ever since 2021 for International Events, for all ages (from Junior to Masters)

They have been developed following roughly 4 years of development between the FIA’s safety department and the rib protectors’ manufacturers and are homologated to respect / withstand specific load cases in shock, of which the values have been acquired through lab testing with dummies and crashing karts to simulate incidents :sweat_smile:

The forward plate is indeed to protect the sternum, which was identified as being a critical body part that was not fully protected in case of a steering wheel impact.

The full list of homologated KBPs is available on our website, here :

I’m all for safety. My only concern is with more body coverage just how much hotter will it be to race with. Mostly a unique problem for myself out here in Arizona, but every bit matters.

That being said my end goal for the year is to run the Rotax World Finals so if I do somehow manage that I’ll probably need the full coverage version anyways.

Right now I’m looking at either the Tillet or Bengio version. I like the adjustable back piece to the Tillet, but at the same time my Bengio has been bullet proof. :man_shrugging:

As the Rotax Grand Finals are on the FIA’s International Calendar (and as such abide by the CIK-FIA’s regs), i confirm you will 100% require an homologated KBP to race.

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Well my son tried one, and lets just say that he is not impressed😬

He went out, did 15 laps, came in and told me that unless i demanded it, and had really good arguments for it, or it was demanded by the rules he was going back to his Bengio :man_shrugging:t2:.

Definitely required at the Grand Finals. I bought mine for the 2021 Grand Finals, but they delayed the requirement until 2022, when I lent mine to a friend to use.