New ride for my son

I picked up this chassis for my son, should be a huge upgrade from the old worn out Birel he used last season. Just gotta finish the prep work and get him out on track and salvage a bit of this insane season.


looking good, what motor package is going to be on it?

I like the look and the eye on the front. Looks very clean. Used?

It will have a Honda GX160 on it.

Very lightly used. the gist of it is a local kart dealer used to be a distributor for “First Kart” brand then switched to Intrepid about 5 or 6 years ago and essentially got “stuck” with this cadet class chassis. My understanding is the only use its had was for his grandson to do some practice days and get the hang of it, then he set his grandson up with a brand new Intrepid kart since that’s his current line he sells. So that’s why it’s a blue First Kart chassis with black and orange Intrepid plastics haha, looks cool though.

Like that chassis! Very nice.

thanks, I’m quite pleased with the chassis as well, much better than what he raced last year.
Hopefully I can finish the prep this weekend and get him in it.

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putting the boy to work, if he wants to race he has to wrench.


Finally built up, ready for a Friday night shake down, and back to back races this weekend.

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Looks awesome :clap:t3:

20 char