New season, new helmet

So this year I’m buying a new helmet. I’m looking at different helmets and kind of have an idea of what I want in a helmet. I want something that will be pretty durable and have good ventilation. Right now I’m looking at the Impact Champ, Simpson Super Bandit, Simpson Speedway RX, Bell GP 3, Bell Vader.
If anyone has experience with any of these helmets or has any other suggestions feel free to mention them.

  • Impact Champ
  • Simpson Super Bandit
  • Simpson Speedway RX
  • Bell GP3
  • Bell Vader

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Out of those options, I would select the Bell GP3. They make a quality helmet for a good price. I would stay away from Simpson stuff. Their newer high end helmets are okay but the middle of their range and lower is not really very quality. The molds for the shell are never symmetrical, the interiors use cheap materials and glues, and they are overpriced for what they are.

As an Arai dealer, I’ll always recommend Arai above anything else, but I understand it doesn’t fit everyone’s budget all the time.

Most of what I get in the paint shop are Arai or Bell, and the new GP3s are pretty nice pieces.


My last three helmets have been Arai, so I’ll always suggest them first. However, you should look at a helmet that’s not only good quality, but fits the shape of your head. For example, I cannot wear a Bell Helmet comfortably.

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That’s why I have such a large selection. I know some may not fit quite right. I plan on doing several endurance races this year so I definitely need something that I can wear comfortably for extended periods of time.

I use a Bell Vador and I’ve really liked it this past year. It fit me pretty well and has been very comfortable in longer races. I know Arai works well but it really depends on what fits. If you can find a motorsports equipment dealer in the area see if they have any helmets they’d allow you to try on and test the fit

@Easy22 I added a poll for you :slight_smile:
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Thanks seems like the GP3 is the early leader

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How is the airflow in the Vader? I love the look but with the rear facing vents I didn’t know how well the air circulated through the helmet.

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It could be better but I’ve never had problems on track with it. I like the cleaner look it has versus some of the other helmets that have vents all over the shell. Air just comes in through under the chin and everything is fine to me

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Ended up going with the GP3. After trying them all on it fit the best and was the most comfortable.


I know this is an old thread. But does anyone have experience of the Zamp helmets. Their newer models are starting to look good and the price is very good for SA2015 certified helmets.

I bought a ZAMP about 4 years ago, and it was really itchy and didn’t fit well (I know that different people have different fitting heads). I don’t know if their quality has improved over the last few years, but it put me off.

I know some people are all about them, but I personally believe you get what you pay for when it comes to head safety. (Arai or death. :wink: )

I’ll have to see if i can find one to try on, but probably should work out if i’m going to race first.

They’ve improved in quality greatly since they bought that Bell Europe design several years ago and starting making it under their name. Having taken apart a few of them to paint, the interiors are pretty decent quality. I’m not a fan of the shape of the helmet, or that gnarly chinbar some of them have, but for the money I’d say it’s a good SA-rated lid.

Hey NIk, I’ve actually been doing a bunch of testing with Zamp thus far this season and have nothing but praise for their products. They’ve really stepped up the quality and a lot of the features their helmets have rival those of more expensive brands. The owner of Zamp is the same fellow behind the Bieffe line of helmets years ago.

How about Koden, anyone seen these? I think they may only be available in Europe at the moment.

Their carbon fibre SA2010 (I have to check if they have any SA2015) are $400.

Here’s an interesting one I saw a couple years ago. It’s not Snell approved, but the concept is very unique.

Haven’t seen the carbon Koden. They sell that helmet under the Vega brand here in the states, with the carbon one being $300, but have only actually seen the standard version.

I don’t know anything about the quality but it isn’t a bad looking helmet. Shape of the visor and shell is very similar to the Arai.

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Definitely looks the same, just those don’t seem to SA rated.

Still haven’t made my mind up about a new helmet.

I’m thinking about this by Turn One/Oreca. Anyone tried these out?