New series for New England

There’s a 4 stroke series coming up called New England kart challenge that’s going to do races on small tracks.
All the tracks are under .5 miles I believe.
It looks like it could be promising, there are a lot of really good ideas that he’s capitalizing on that other local series’ didn’t, such as; live timing (RaceHero?), Briggs sponsorship, food truck, several other sponsorships, active social media, easy online registration, and the same rule sets as the nearby series.

One thing I’m worried about is that it has 10 classes. 1 vintage class, 7 206 classes, and 2 WF classes. I feel like this will spread completion and track time thin, which was one of the main reasons I didn’t like the NHKA
Just thought I’d put this out here

Any series up your way is probably a good thing. How do they have so many Briggs classes?

What are the 7 classes for 206?
Kid kart, cadet, junior, senior, masters, legends…?

Small series and clubs need as many entries as they can get so more classes might be a necessary evil, but I wouldn’t say 10 classes is a lot.

Kid, cadet, light (junior?), medium, heavy, masters, legends

As well as a vintage class, wf light, and wf heavy

It’s looking like track time in a day will be the same as NHKA, around 30 minutes.

They are also going to have an endurance race with prizes (I think prizes sponsored by Briggs…?)

Splitting up the 206 class so much just seems like it could be problematic. I get the entrants thing, but it’s not like there are many different engine classes, it’s just splitting up the 206 entries

Is there a source or press release?

New England Kart challenge on Facebook, run by Jim Paulette. He’s fairly new to karting but a great guy and I honestly think it could work out pretty well

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Gonna have to check it out. Hopefully life permits since a 4 stroke race series is right up my alley.

Cup Karts announced something yesterday too, FYI. Might be Northeast in title only, but at least closer to you guys.

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Cup Karts has done a lot of expanding in past couple of years, looking forward to getting my Sportsman to a race or two next year as he grows beyond club racing at the same track every weekend.

Seems to indicate a date at NJMP and also OVRP.

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Yes, but I had a hard time justifying Pitt and Charlotte as “NE”


Admittedly pushing the boundaries of the term.

So that makes 3 new series for our sector of the country? At least the dates don’t conflict, I guess

Pretty dramatic difference. I wonder if it will catch on, the 4-stroke part. My guess is, yes. We needed affordable racing, here.

Cool stuff coming in NE. Thoroughly impressed with what Jim has been able to do in the FIRST season of the racing series formerly known as the NEKC

Rentals? Or does one need to BYO studded tires?

You build them yourself, they have tire stud kits, and a bunch of used rain tires. Snow blower tires work too.

Theres a certain guy on these forums that can tell you everything you need to know about studding tires. Even sell you a few…

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What rims are people mounting snowblower tires on?

As Derek said, I import kart specific ice tires from Heidenau. Designed to be studded and a definite improvement over traditional wets, especially as the ice starts to rut up and/or get covered in snow from the studs. Same tires on all four corners, so you’ll need hub mounted front rims to run on the rear.