NEW shifter radiators and pumps for sale - Still have a few on hand

I’ve got few radiators left that I’d like to sell, all new in box. I have several on hand here in US but if you run a team and want to place large orders I can set you up with the Company directly at special discounts, they have a full range of radiators for all classes. KE technologies is the supplier of BirelART and several other big teams in Europe, these radiators are simply awesome and construction quality is top notch.

Note: if you buy a full RACE kit (rad+curtain+pump) I’ll discount the curtain by 50%. Shipping $20 flat on a kit, $15 on the single radiator.

KL290 - Double pass light RACE line 375x290x32 - $469 (includes champagne gold brackets, recovery bottle and 1 hose for free) Weight:1,850 grams (rad only)
Thinner, lighter and 8% better cooling. Inlet and outlet on the bottom as this is a double flow radiator, requires different hose routing

Gold support

KZ290 - Big KZ radiator, RACE line 385x290x40 $399 (includes champagne gold brackets, no recovery bottle) Weight:2,000 grams (rad only)
Manufactured with a special aluminum alloy and reduced distance between the mass tubes, increases performance and reduces weight

Gold support

Curtain for race line (Black only): $69

Billet pump - $129
High flow rate, fully serviceable, toothed belt type (works with 5/16" Width XL series belts, available on McMaster and others) Different than the picture, the new pumps I have are the improved model, black and screw-type removable cover
Water pump

HL004 STANDARD radiator 395x290x40 $299 (Includes aluminum bracket) Weight: 2,450 (rad only)
High performance and quality, low price. These are really stout and maintain high cooling capacity, high quality at budget price point

P100 Pump $49
Specifically designed for the standard radiator, high quality at budget price point
Water pump 2

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