New Smoker! 2022 Yamaha YZ125

Looks like Yamaha are continuing to produce two stroke Motocross bikes:

Lots of engine changes:

New cases house redesigned transmission gears, updated shifting mechanisms, and a high-inertia crankshaft assembly with an 8mm-longer connecting rod. There’s a new cylinder with relocated stud positions, increased port size and different shape, larger exhaust port, coupled with lower and wider transfer ports as well as a single rear transfer port. The head has improved combustion efficiency with an increase in volume and redesigned combustion chamber shape, while the new expansion chamber and 50mm (2.0-inch) shorter silencer provides a tone unlike any other YZ125. In short, almost nothing overlaps or interchanges with 2021 and prior machines engine-wise.


I thought we were going back down the bbq hole from the headline. A new Yamaha grill sounds good to me.


I think this captures all the senses compared to BBQ. Only sound my BBQ smoker ever made was from the wood crackling in the fire. :rofl:

Improved Fueling
New high-precision Hitachi Astemo® Keihin PWK38S carburetor features a power jet, throttle position sensor and 3D-map-controlled CDI unit for precise ignition timing. The result is clean, crisp throttle response, superior rideability and excellent over-rev character.

TPS for ignition timing is smart. It will be interesting to see it’s power curves.