New Sticker Set?

I’m buying my son his 1st kart, and I have found a solid used one we are going to pick up. Is there a “best” place to get a new sticker set online? It’s a used Rookie/Cadet sized Tony Kart, and he’s all amped up to pick his new sticker colors.

While I’m at it, what are some of the bigger online spots you go to for racing equipment, replacement parts, etc…

Thanks for any info!

The 3 biggest, easiest online stores for use on the east coast:

  • BMI in Ohio
  • Comet Kart Sales - IN
  • TS Racing in FL
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If you want factory decal kits, just go get them from the manufactures website, if you want custom, you can go direct to (one of the best to work on custom stuff with)

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I contacted Jakedesigns, very good quality decals!


Wow! Your kart looks amazing!

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If you’re looking for replica kits Stateside, Brian at DB Motorsports in Ohio has Tony Kart replica kit templates I believe. I designed them for him at one point. He’s been my go-to for kart graphics for about 10 years now.

This is a bit of a sticky question. If you have someone local, supporting someone that will support you at the track or at a moment’s notice will keep them around. However, you may have to search out specific items that aren’t stocked locally too.

With that said most of the kart shops online will offer free shipping when you spend a cerian amount (usually $200 or more). These places usually have a good selection. There are likely some other options when looking for specifics for Tony Kart.

TS Racing in FL
Fastech Racing in NV
Comet Kart Sales in OH

Some items aren’t necessarily kart specific and you may find better prices and selection searching for what you want. Helmets, tools and hardware/fasteners are three specifics that come to mind. some ideas:

Rocky Mountain ATV