New Tachs - Alfano 7, Mychron XX? Next Gen?

The Alfano 7 looks pretty wild. Not crazy different to the 6, but the wireless tire pressure and temperature sensor that goes in the tire seems like a potentially awesome tool. Too bad it’s €129 each :smiley:

However, this is just Alfano’s latest and greatest. What will Mychron bring? What is truly the future of data acquisition for karting? Still seems like there’s a ton of manual steps, and frankly the software for analyzing data is not intuitive IMO. There’s still plenty more in the tank for AIM and Alfano and others to go after, so I’m curious.

Is there a new MyChron in the pipeline? It seems like they go for stability over fast releases.

interested to see if there is a new MyChron… always love seeing the advances in data…

I don’t think there’s a new one in the pipeline, more so just curious on what that COULD be when it does inevitably turn up.

the only changes I can think of is a more durable battery and a USB-C cable :sweat_smile:

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Logging of tire temp & pressure is a very nice feature.
You could see exactly after how many laps you get the ideal tire temp & pressure based on initial PSI and weather/track condition.