New TM R3 - when?

How often do TM release new kz engines?

Are we due a new model in the coming year?

Every 3 years roughly

I was thinking that myself. Are they hard got when there newly released?

It’s down to the length of the homologation period.
@Simone_Perego can you confirm what the current period is for KZ engines?

Hey guys, end of homologation for current breed of engines is the end of 2025.

A lot of manufacturers extend their homologations for at least 1-2 years (yearly renewal) as a transition period for their customers, so expect the R2s and R1s to also get extended into 2026.

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First homologated year for previous TM KZ engines. TM is pretty consistent in introducing a new engine every homologation period.

TM K9(A) β€” 2001
TM K9B ----- 2004
TM K9C ----- 2007
TM KZ10 β€” 2010
TM KZ10B - 2013
TM KZ10C - 2016
TM KZ R1 – 2019
TM KZ R2 – 2023