New to forum, but not to karting

Hello all,

I’m looking to get back in to karting after many years.



Wrenching ability-8

I ran a Coyote chassis with a KT100 many years ago.

Need help getting back up to speed with all the changes.


Welcome back.

KT is basically dead these days, though you might find pockets of it club racing. Otherwise the go-to entry-level class is LO206 or if you’re feeling like going faster, KA100 (replaced the KT and HPV/KPV almost everywhere).

As always, check what your local track is running and what kind of entries they are getting for their classes, and find out what brands of kart are supported locally so you can get parts and help.

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Yeap, L206, X30, KA100 and shifter karts.
I really want a shifter kart but the local track doesn’t seem to have a class for them.

I will be in the “heavy” class as well so I think I may be best suited for KA or X30 if I want to race occasionally.

Which track would be your home track?

Homestead Florida or west Palm just opened a new track.

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If you want to travel. we have a track in jacksonville, florida. We have X-30 and shifter classes.

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