New to karting and have a tire question

Good evening everyone. I recently picked up a used CRG Road Rebel with a CR125 and looking forward to getting some seat time soon. Immediate upgrade is to put newer rubber on all four corners and I picked up Hoosiers thinking I might be able to manhandle removing the old tires and shoehorn the new ones into place. Yeah, that didn’t happen! I live in SoCal in the Inland Empire (La Verne) and curious if anyone can recommend shops near me to help get my new shoes put on. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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What tool were you trying to use?

:joy::joy: it’s a black art

There are YT vids out there but I’ve never been able to do it.

You can buy a tool for it from kart supply stores online

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The tent program I was with used to mount tires at the track for folks for a small fee. I think that is pretty common.

Get your self a bead breaker and some tire tools like the one Comet Racing sells. I’m in a similar place and bought the tools and it makes changing tires super easy.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the quick responses.