New to karting - how much engine oil does a 4 stroke 250cc engine need

I need to know how much engine oil a 250cc engine needs, the engine is specifically a Suter Vampire VT250.

Seems like that one has us all stumped :sweat_smile:

I spent half the afternoon at ‘work’ googling to find the answer. Didn’t find it

I also spent some time searching for it and the only one i could find was for motorcycles which is 1.3 to 1.6 liters.

Can you see a fill to spill plug? Generally speaking if there’s no dipstick on an engine or gearbox there’s usually a fill to spill plug.

I will check now, is it any different to a normal screw? Because it might just seem like a bolt or screw.

It’ll look like a bolt head but not bolting anything in place

Kind of like that (that’s a X30 plug)

Ok, i will check for it, thank you

Ok, i found a manual from 2007 for the engine (all in german), and i had my friend translate it and it said that the engine needs approximately 0.7L of oil 10w40