New to Karting :O

Hello all,

I am new to all of this “GO Kart racing” and i was wanting to know if there any good youtuber’s that build and race their go karts? like a channel for gokarts only? also is their like a offical name for go kart racing??


Hey @hateeb123456! Welcome to the forums and to karting.

So, in the public sphere we hear the sport called a lot of things. ‘Go cart’ racing, ‘carting,’ etc. Probably the most popular ones most of us use, and consider ‘proper’ would be “karting” or “kart racing.” Lately, I have taken to explaining what I do as “High-performance kart racing” to people.

Like any sport, there are officiating bodies, rules, and a culture surrounding the sport of karting. However, there isn’t one godly decree that determines what you are allowed to call karting. Like all sports, part of the reason we are all so passionate about it is because it means different things to different people.

There are lots of channels out there on YouTube for karting, although I would argue non on the same level as other sports at the moment. It is exceedingly rare for kart racers to truly build their own karts from scratch, as many manufacturers offer amazing products, and most series and racing programs require chassis to be ‘approved’ or ‘homologated.’

With that said, here’s a few YouTube channels you may enjoy:

  1. True Racer. He has some great karting ‘documentaries’ of his racing weekends.
  2. Kart 360. While not as active now as they used to be, they have some great videos, how-to instructions, etc. Really solid productions.
  3. Power Republic. Derek down in Australia sure makes karting things look easy while doing them all upside down. Really informative channel. I honestly have learned a lot from him.
  4. SKUSA media. Love them or hate them…they do have some solid ‘hype’ type videos. Less substance, more flashy stuff.
  5. Swedetech, NorCal Karters. Jason Berry has turned Swedetech’s social media presence on its head recently, by doing everything from live tech videos, to engine stuff, to just plain being the cool California guy he is. Lots of good info.
  6. KRacer/Karting Australia. I don’t really know why they don’t post much anymore, but these K Racer videos are simply awesome.

Hopefully between all of these you can get some good things to start with! Ask questions, talk to people, and get stoked on karting!

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Thank you so much for all this information.
I am gonna start watching these YouTubers.
If there is any type of Information i need to know about karting could you inform me please?
Is their any videos of how the engines work or some sort of like that? Also am from the UK and was wondering some tracks or events (Festivals) they are for Karting.

Thank you

Hey @hateeb123456, welcome to the forums!

There’s lots of options in the UK… but, generally people don’t build their karts from scratch (where you’re welding the frame etc) for “competition” karting. In some cases, self-made karts are not permitted because they have to go through a registration process called homologation.

So I have couple of questions…

  1. Where are you in the UK?
  2. Which appeals to you more…

a. Designing and building a kart from scratch (very, very difficult)…
b. Restoring a kart that needs some work
c. Just enjoying driving a kart and working on it.

My recommendation for you could be b or c given that you have some questions on engines and so on.

Also, @NikG… do you have a recommendation for a good UK track directory

Also, please update your profile to reflect your full name.

For MSA run tracks its usually easiest to turn up at a club event and ask people questions.

The list of clubs is here;

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You’ll probably find more useful, local, information on the Karting1 UK forum.