New to karting tyre question

Hi, I’m new to karting and feel daft asking questions but here goes.
I’m 215lbs and I have a Tony kart evr with rotax max 125. Im looking at getting some good practice sessions in and maybe at the end of the year joining the local indi series which is not msa compliant and looks like good fun. In the senior 177 class there are some big guys too, so I should fit in.
So I’m needing new tyres as the ones on the kart are done. Am I better buying medium grip tyres as I’m learning and I’m so heavy. What would be a good make to go with? Most guys are using vega whites on race day. Any input would be gratefully appreciated. I’m based in the (UK) and will be using Hooton Park.
Many thanks Gaz

Interestingly it appears that indikart tire choice is “open”. If you are a big guy like I was when I first started, I can tell you that the “medium” grip tires, while fast, are really hard on a middle aged body. Expect sustained 2g through turns and until you toughen up, you’ll be hurting after 8-10 laps.
A harder compound will be easier on your body. Also, the medium compound tires will last about 80 laps only which means about a day of practice, which gets expensive fast. I am guessing that there must be some sort of gentleman’s agreement about what tires to run because otherwise the races would be awfully lopsided with the folks on sticky tires way ahead of the guys on hard tires.

I don’t have any specific direction on The Tire Choice question, but I will share a philosophy that I think holds true for everyone starting. Talk to the guys you will be running with. Find someone about your size, then just ask them if you can do exactly what they’re doing and if there will be any major downsides to doing that. You can even try calling the track and asking for someone who can give you some advice there as well. What that allows you to do is to have someone to talk about specifically what you’re running into with, and it’ll also help you build more relationships which is ultimately what the sport comes down to in the end. It doesn’t sound like you are necessarily looking for a competitive advantage right now, you just want something that works. Lots of guys there have probably found something that works just by doing this overtime so use their experience and improve that if necessary but do not start from scratch all on your own.

If you’re just looking for seat time and practice, you should be able to get some take offs for cheap or even free. I think 177 in the UK tends to run a medium compound, but really though, ask around and you’ll have more tyres than you’ll ever need :joy:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply’s.
I’ll see what that bigger guys are using next time they race. I only made note of what the front runners were using which was Vega whites. ( I’ll miss this months race this weekend as I’m on holiday, so won’t know what they’re using until next months race)
As suggested I think I’ll have a look at harder tyres, ive seen lots on eBay for £25-£50 used. But I don’t really know which is the best make to go for vega’s, mojos etc. Could anyone recommend and good tyre for grip and wear rate?
Thanks Gaz

It does appear to be very lob sided, the front 4 looked to be sponsored with brand new engines etc and the back group looked like the karts were barn finds, lol. But it’s all fun at the end of the day.

The lecont red compound is what we use for junior tag. LP 10. It’s plenty sticky and lasts quite a bit longer than the white medium compound. I would imagine that if it works for tag junior it would work fine for adult rotax and not break the bank.

I’ve always been a firm believer in practicing on the same type of tire that I race on. Compounds can be different enough from manufacturer to manufacturer that what works on one tire may not work on another.

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I can get vega xh2 tyres of eBay which look good for £35. I believe these are hard would these be a good starting point for me due to my weight?


I think anything in decent condition will me fine. Don’t over think it, get some tyres on and get some more laps in. If you ask around the other racers (at the track or online) you might be able to bag a free

Also, make sure you update your profile to show your full name. Thanks :slight_smile: