New (To Me) karting Podcast - Formula Hooligan w/ Alex Gomes

So this kinda came out of nowhere in my newsfeed recently, worth checking out and subbing:

Episode 1



LETS GO!! Alex is the guy who dominated world formula for a couple years before moving to tag. Charlie is new to high performance karts but incredibly quick, he’s already gotten a podium this year in the most competitive class (world formula). He also does the DRT tent program with me. Great podcast, some I’ve attended live at the races. They go over NHKA and cars and most motor sports

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Hey thanks for the shoutout! We’re almost 10 episodes in. Including a few trackside shows! We usually discuss karting and F1 but the conversation can wander into any motorsports topic. Charles and I don’t always agree on certain incidents either haha.


And I play a significant role as well. I yell in the comments whenever you get stuff wrong. The latest one was great! Again feel free to use any of my footage as well. My footage of the last race got corrupted so I’m currently trying to recover it so it may take a bit to come out

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