New to this

Just bought a kart wondering if anyone might could give me some info on how to get started the guy said it was set up to race

Welcome Kenny. We’re going to need more info to help. Where are you located and can you tell us more about the kart you have? Did the previous owner not give details on where the kart can be run?

I dont know what kind of chassis it is and all i know is its a jr1 motor and i gotta upgrade it to race

I have pics that might help u understand better but cant post them on here sorry where is my manners i appreciate the warm invite

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Hey Kenny, what’s the challenge with posting the pics of the kart? Maybe we can help.

Im located in st cloud fl would be nice to find some locals to learn from

Paging @IRQVET ! Can you help?

Welcome Kenny,

Do you wish to race this kart or just have some track time?

Is it a circle track kart or a sprint (road course) kart?

I dont know what kind it is i wanna just race for fun the guy said it was set up to race it has two wide tires on one side i was told i had to upgrade the motor form a jr1 to a jr2 and i dont know what kind it is i dont think its a predator also i dont know how the seat bolts in or how the cowling bolts on theres no bolt holes for it how tight the chain suppose to be what all do i have to have to race besides safety gear so many questions lol

How do i post pics on here

If someone wanted to text me be more than happy to text them pic its not letting me copy and paste

Are you on a phone or computer?

Sounds like a circle track kart with offset tires.

If you make a post you should be able to upload photos from your phone by hitting the up arrow icon bottom right and choosing photo library.

Orlando, Andersen, and Bushnell are three tracks within an hour or so from you. I’d look up when their locals are, and take a trip down and bring your kart. I have never been to Orlando or Andersen, but the locals at Bushnell are awesome and super friendly and helpful.

To post a picture you hit the little up arrow in the corner of the area you are writing the message.

It will then ask you

This is on an iPhone so here it’s asking me to go to photo library and choose a picture or use the camera to take a picture to post.

Photo library, choose:

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It finally let me load them

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Dean havent heard of andersen the one closest to me is space coast full throttle speedway

Space Coast full throttle speedway runs paved oval. It looks like a clone motor. If it is setup for Jr1, you need to remove the slide and probably have to rejet the carb for adult classes. I would see if anyone at that track can help you get started.

Michael is right. Head over to Space Coast on a race night and buy a pit pass. Walk around and ask a ton of questions. Most folks will be happy to answer questions and help you get started.

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Thank u all for the help gonna go over there sat