New Vortex Mini Rok or not?

General Q. How much difference in performance would you get from a new Mini Rok engine compared to one that’s been run quite a bit? obs depends on how it been maintained, but after a rough idea. My sons been running with a second hand engine, so no real idea of history, and I am mulling getting a new engine, so that I can rotate them when getting the top ends done, and just wondering if we could expect much of a difference in performance. If so, maybe I keep the new one for races days, and the old one for practise… what do others do?

Not much. If you’re concerned that your engine is losing power on the straights, change the piston and ring. It’ll cost you a little more than a hundred bucks because you’re also going to buy the circlip replacement tool. I’ve changed pistons in the pits in the half hour between returning on the wagon from an engine failure and the start of the next heat.

I’m guessing that the new engine may or may not be faster than the old (assuming the old has been rebuilt regularly). Having a practice engine will enable your kiddo to have a fresh engine for race days though, which is what matters. Presumably you’d follow a tighter rebuild schedule for the race as opposed to practice engine.

I guess what I mean to say is having two engines is a great idea if it’s not a burden financially. Also, a second engine can save your weekend, sometimes.

We keep 2 engines around for club racing and practice before regional/national events. A third would make life easier to have fresher engines for those, but for us, that money is better spent elsewhere and it is easy to work around. Plus it is nice to know when you beat other fast kids that you did it on an engine with 20+ hours on it :rofl:

I’m ocd. I have 3 motors and we just moved into the micro world. But that’s just mostly laziness. Have the practice motor. Race motor. And one down for rebuild.

Thanks everyone, I think we’ll get the second engine. Will make life easier when getting the top end done, as there can often be quite a wait, and that’ll mean I can keep him out on track.